State: ME
Age: 7 months
DOB: 8/27/17
Weight: 33 lbs
Sex: female
Neutered/UTD: Soon/yes
Color: white with black over one eye
Docked tail: no
Cropped ears: no
Children under 4:yes
Children over 4: yes
Separation anxiety: no
Other dogs: yes as long as she can be alpha
Cats: yes
Crate trained: yes
House trained: mostly
Obedience trained: working on it
Leash trained: working on it
Microchipped: no
  Adoption fee: $375

3/27/18-Jessie had her echocardiogram/ultrasound done on her heart today to see what was going on. They were not able to give a definite diagnosis at this point but the determined it may be subaortic stenosis which is a genetic defect of the heart. It can take up to 2 1/2 years for this to fully manifest as it gets worse as they age.  The recommendation is she will need a cardiac recheck in about 6 months to try to get a true diagnosis.  At that time she may need an ECG and 24 hour heart monitor too.

The vet is ordering a specific drug to put her under to be safely spayed. The lead vet wants to do the surgery but won’t be able until 5/1 so we will not be looking to match Jessie to a home until after her spay. 

**Because I am a baby I need a home with someone home more often (ex:work at home, retired, work opposite shifts, stay at home parent, etc)**

3/20/18 Jessie went in to get spayed on Thursday of last week and while there the vet found a significant heart murmur that wasn't there a week ago. The vet called off the surgery and asked for me to bring her back in a couple days to see if there was something physically going on or if it was caused by the pre-anesthesia meds. I took her in on Monday and they could still hear a significant heart murmur so she will be going in later this week so they can do an ultrasound of her heart to try to pinpoint what is going on.

3/1/18 So I feel I need to update Jessie's info now that she is well. Jessie is displaying less alpha behavior, we are thinking she was feeling so bad that she just wanted them to leave her alone. She gets along with all the dogs fine now. She also is listening much better outside but still wants to explore so a fence of some kind is still a must. She has a nice healthy appetite now and is filling out a little bit. Its nice to see her acting like a puppy for a change. The next step is to get her in to get fixed asap.


2/27/18 Jessie went back to the vet on 2/26 and was diagnosed with Giardia. She is currently on a high dose of antibiotics and wormer. Her appointment to get spayed has been cancelled and will be done at a later time when her health issues are no longer an issue.

2/25/18-Jessie is a sweetheart. Very laid back but does try to dominate when playing so she will not do well with another alpha dog. Doesnt bark and is learning how to go to the door when needing to go potty. Jessie has been on meds for a stomach infection and is doing much better. She will need to go somewhere that has some kind of fencing because if given the opportunity she will try to take off. She is very gentle when taking treats and loves to snuggle.

2/19/18- Jessie and her brother Luke are owner surrenders that came into rescue today looking for their new homes.  Updates soon from their foster home.