State:  NH

Age:  11

DOB:  2/28.07

Weight: apron 65 lbs

Sex: F

Neut / UPD: Soon/yes

Coat Color: Fawn with a dash of white

Docked Tail: Y

Cropped Ears: N

Children under 4: N

Children over 4: Kids over 8

Separation Anxiety: Some

Other Dogs: Yes (Needs another dog)

Cats: Yes

Crate trained: Learning

House Trained: Yes

Leash Trained: No

Obedience Trained: Y some basic commands

Micro-chipped: Y

Adoption Fee: $100.00

3/25/18-Regina has been doing great! She loves spending time in the fenced in yard doing her own thing. She really enjoys the company of the other dogs and even the cats! We have a new puppy in the house that really adores her and Regina does so well with her, it’s adorable! She’s not a fan of her crate but she does go in it and does okay, just drools. She’s very attached and loves being by my side (except for when she’s outside, she loves it out there despite the cold!) Regina is a great mix of active and lazy and is such a sweetheart. She’s very gentle when taking treats and has never been in a tiff with any of the animals here.

3/16/18-Here is some background info.  Regina, Liza, Bianca and Gretel came from a great shelter we work with that had got them along with several other boxers from a breeder that was terminally ill and had to give up all their dogs.  We don't know any details on their past home life other than they lived in a home with about 14 boxers.  

3/11/18-Unfortunately we found Regina had major anxiety this past week at her new foster home as she was an only dog for probably the first time in her life.  She also did not want to be crated, barked a lot when her foster Mom was at work (not good in a condo)  and destroyed the window blinds trying to look out the door. As much as we didn't want to move her again, we had to get her to a foster home today where she would be happier with other dogs and if she barks there were no really close neighbors. More updates from her current foster home soon.

3/4/18-Regina had to move to another foster home today as the 3 year old child in the foster home was just too much for her.  She didn't do anything bad, she just started giving warning growls when she had too much so we figured she would be happier in another foster home without any young kids. 

2/27/18 Regina came to her foster home a couple days ago with a foster sister.  She gets along very nicely with this other dog.  She is very affectionate and happy girl.  She is very happy sleeping.  Regina sits on command.  She takes a treat very gently and eats her meals slowly.  She comes when she’s called and LOVES being close to her human and give slurpy kisses!  Regina also has a very deep and loud bark.  Regina also likes being outdoors, spending more time during her potty breaks exploring the yard and smelling everything.  Very sweet tempered.