State: NYC area
Age: 7 years
DOB: Unknown
Weight: 65 lbs
Sex: Female
Neutered/UP to date: Yes/yes
Color: Fawn
Docked tail: Yes
Cropped ears: No
Children under 4: No(no history)
Children over 4: Unknown, no history
Separation anxiety: No
Other dogs: Yes
Cats: Unknown
Crate trained: Yes
House trained: Yes
Leash trained: Work in progress
Obedience trained: Work in progress
Adoption fee: $450

11/17/19 – Amber has been here for 1 week now and I have to say that she is a great boxer. At first I thought she was the more independent one of the pair (actually they are not a pair, they came into rescue together but there is no actual information to say they are bonded together) but after seeing her I see that she still is unsure of herself and her is very cautious and needs a lot of TLC to open up to the wonderful boxer she is.  She does the boxer wiggle and prance when she’s running with Jasper, she just needs time to adjust and realize she’s never going back to her former life. It took Amber awhile to go into her crate but now she goes in when she’s called (as long as she sees the cookies in my hand).  She’s quiet in the crate when I leave the house and the neighbors haven’t told me they hear them when I’m not home.  Amber’s first life wasn’t a great one, I hope that you’ll consider giving her a second chance for a new one.  I thank God that she is safe now and will live the rest of her life full of love, patience and a family that loves her!

11/9/19 – I arrived with Jasper to my permanent foster home last night.  After a week, I am still very skittish around certain moves and noises.  I rely on Jasper a lot, if he approaches foster mom I go, if she approaches me, I back away, she is very slow in coming to me and I know she’s not going to hurt me – I just can’t help it.  She tells me it’s because of where I came from and that she loves me.  There are times that Jasper lays on top of me – I feel he’s protecting me and can sense my nervousness.   I know my name but am very slow to eat, right now my foster mom is hand feeding me – she wants to make sure I get all of my nourishment.  I took time to eat in my first foster home and my temporary foster mom took great lengths to see I ate.  I don’t walk well on a leash, it’s a work in progress, I never had one of them on me and I’m not sure of my surroundings.  I love going out in the backyard – I know that the house is only a few steps away! 

11/2/19 – Hi, my name is Amber and I came to SCBR through the Ohio Puppy Mill Rescue Team.  I want to thank everyone who helped with Jasper and my transport to our temporary foster home.  My foster mom is away this weekend and we needed to come in so we’re here only temporary.  I do like it here, there are other dogs whom I do get along with.  I am very hesitant in my new environment because of where I came from.  I will need a lot of patience and TLC until I become more confident of my surroundings and of myself.