State: Western NY

Age: 4 years

D.O.B. :  7/19/2013

Weight: 51#

Sex: Female

Neut/UTD: yes/yes

Coat Color: Fawn and white

Docked Tail: yes

Docked ears: no

Children under 4: unsure 

Children over 4:  yes

Separation anxiety: no

Other dogs: yes

Cats: no (no history)

Crate trained: yes

House trained: yes

Obedience trained: no

Leash trained: yes

Adoption Fee $375


2/2/18     Ariel was an owner surrender due to escalating conflicts with the other female dog in the home. She is very sweet natured, loves her ear rubs, follows directions and corrective action (no) very well.  It took her a couple of days to warm up and trust my two male boxers, but they are now like the three amigos. She was very reluctant in the beginning to "play/wrestle" with my four year old boxer until she realized there was nothing to be afraid or fearful of ( as far as being attacked).  I believe she would be great as an only dog, very happy if there were kids in the house, and also compatible with another male boxer that was easy going. She is the kind of boxer that I label as a "KEEPER".  As a foster home I would be quite relieved knowing that she is going to a loving home.

2/5/18   I forgot to mention in my first introduction that this girl is an absolutely 
GORGEOUS looking flashy boxer who is very tall.  She is quite determined to rid the backyard of any squirrels so in my opinion I'm not real sure she would be fond of cats.  One of the videos is she and my Bo racing around the backyard, the next is the two of them "chewing" on each other and the third is my favorite. I have never seen a dog trimming their own nails by biting them off which you can actually hear in the video.

1/29/18 Ariel is a 4 year old that came into rescue last weekend.  She was an owner surrender as the pitbull in the house did not always get along with Ariel and they often had bad fights.  With the latest attack Ariel  received some major bites and tears on her legs and body.  She did not see the vet after this fight so when she came into rescue she had a lot of fluid and swelling on her legs, body and chest and was very lethargic.  After a rush trip to the vet with her foster Mom, Ariel is currently recovering with antibiotics and some TLC. More updates and pictures soon from her foster Mom.