AGE: 9 years

DOB: unknown 

WEIGHT: 75 lbs 

SEX: Male

NEUT / UPT:  Yes/Yes

COAT COLOR: Fawn w/white chest

DOCKED TAIL: Yes      












03/20/19 – Bandit has been updating his site very well, but I wanted to jump in and tell you what an amazing awesome dog he is.  Peanut is 13 and his age is starting to show.  Bandit is so good with him – I’m able to bring Peanut’s food to his station while holding Bandit’s food and Bandit watches while I set the food down and then goes to his place.  I give them cookies before I leave for work and before bed and Bandit will follow me while I’m giving Peanut his cookies and then goes to where Bandit get his.  I see no food aggression in him at all.  He’s fine with having people come in the home and loves seeing the kids when we walk.  This boy is a loving, handsome, sweet and remarkable dog and will fit into anyone’s family.  I can’t say enough good things about him.

03/18/19 – So I got into a little mischief the other day which made my foster mom upset but she blames herself for tempting me.  You see, she had this bag and way inside the bag was this great smelling Irish Soda Bread…..well, I got into the bag, took all the books out (didn’t damage any) and ate the whole thing, tin foil and all.  Foster mom put it in the bag while she was at a meeting and then put books on top of it and she forgot about it.   Whose bad, not mine?  Please don’t let that stop you from adopting me; I’m looking for my forever home.

3/16/19 – It’s hard to believe I’ve been here with foster mom and Peanut for 1 week.  I love to walk outside and I’ve been told I’m doing well with the leash.  During a walk, there were 4 kids who thought I was a pug, who came running up to pet me.  Do I look like a pug?  Foster mom told them to be cautious but I’m so cute they just wanted to pet me.  I love getting all those pets.  As we continued our walk, they were saying Bandit the boxer and I kept doing the boxer wiggle. 

3/12/19-Here is some info on Bandit’s shaved neck area. The shelter vet sent a summary with him that it was just a cyst removed from his neck, his gums were trimmed to avoid dental disease & a small minor growth was removed from his tongue.  He is healthy and happy and doing great!


3/11/19- Just wanted to let everyone, I had a great night’s sleep.  My foster home has this comfortable bed and I was sprawled out on it all night.  My foster mom claims she heard me snore but I didn’t hear anything.  I did get up once and she took me outside and I did my business but went back to sleep. My foster mom left in the morning for about 2 hours and I was a good boy, she was very happy.  This afternoon was another story, she had to go out for a few hours again (it felt much longer) and I got into one of her bags in the living room and decided I needed to pull everything out to look at.  I didn’t do any major damage to anything but she was upset.  She said that tomorrow I’m going to be sectioned off in the kitchen while she’s at work.  She understands that there is an adjustment period. I’m getting along good with my foster brother, sometimes he stands over me, I think he wants his bed back but I’m too comfy to get up – he has other beds.  We go out in the backyard exploring. Its dinner time so I’m going to sign off but do want you to know that I’m available for adoption and am looking for my forever home.  



3/9/19-Bandit is a super sweet 9 year old that came into rescue today.  We were contacted by a shelter we work with that he was an owner surrender as his family a new baby. The owner said though they know he loves and is great with kids of all ages, Bandit can be too eager and jumpy for attention.  He lived with and was great with cats, dogs and 2 year child. 


Thanks to Jane and Andrew for transporting him.  Bandit slept on the way to his foster home only lifting his head occasionally.  When we arrived home, he was happy to get out of the car and explore the back yard.  After a few minutes in the back yard, Bandit’s foster brother Peanut came outside for introductions.  There were no issues. I left the house for a half hour to see how Bandit would be and he was fine, waiting for me as I opened the door to come in. From what I can tell tonight, Bandit is a gentle giant.  While Bandit was laying on Peanut’s bed, Peanut decided to stand over him and there was no problems, Bandit looked at him and just continued to lay there until Peanut walked away.


Bandit knows the commands, sit/stay, off/down, come and is house broken.  He actually will wait until Peanut goes up the stairs before coming him.  Peanut needs help maneuvering the stairs.  He was patient when it came to dinner time; he had no problem eating all of his dinner and some dog biscuits for a snack.

 This boy will make a great addition to anyone’s household.