State CT
Age  1 year
DOB 6/2/17
Weight   TBD 50lbs?
Sex  Female
Neut/UTD   yes/yes
Coat Color   Fawn and White
Docked Tail   Yes
Cropped Ears   No
Children Under 4:  depends, he's still a energetic puppy
Children over 4   Yes
Separation Anxiety    No
Other Dogs    Yes
Cats    Unknown
Crate Trained   Yes
House Trained   Yes
Obedience Trained   Knows basic commands
Leash trained  Needs some work
Microchipped   NO
Adoption Fee: $375

10/11/18-Here is some background info on Bella. In her first home she was around and good with children. She had a habit of running off if left loose outside so will need to be leashed if not in fenced yard. Her original owners were moving and couldn’t take her so that is when her last owner took her in and fell in love with her several months ago.  Tragically her owner had a car crash and she didn’t survive.  Her family couldn’t take Bella so they contacted us to find her a new home. 

10/3/18  Bella has successfully been crate trained and has no problem going into her "house". She continues to love the squeaky toys inside the house.  She just found a basketball in the backyard and loves rolling it around the yard. She chases it down the slight hill in our backyard.  She can fully entertain herself this way. LOL  She is still being a good girl with the kids and loves to meet everyone. Her manners have improved with quick verbal corrections. Compared to other boxer pups, she seems to take verbal correction pretty quickly and responsive. Bella has been to the vet and was such a good girl. She was very nervous though. The doctor possibly heard a heart murmur, but with Bella being so nervous it was very hard to confirm it.  She will be getting spayed shortly and will know more then.  She was also in the waiting room with a cat in a crate that was meowing loudly and she wasn't phased by the cat at all.  She wanted to meet every person and dog that came in though. She is a happy playful girl that will be ready to go to her new forever home soon.  

9/17/18 We welcomed Bella to our home on Sunday and she has been a delight to have around.  She is a young goofy boxer.  She loves to chase the ball both inside and outside and definitely prefers the squeaky tennis balls. She has a fondness for kids and tries to open my 10 year old sons door after he's gone to bed.  She is mostly crate trained and I say mostly because she somehow snuck a blanket in the crate that had been next to her. LOL  She did not destroy it at all but I guess she just wanted a softer surface. LOL She does have pretty good manners for only being a year old and responds well with a simple verbal correction as needed.  She is still getting settled in and still needs to see the MD for a check up.  I will update more after she gets her check up.