State: CT

Age 4 years

DOB 7/24/2015

Weight: 61
Sex: Female
Neutered/UTD: Yes, yes
Coat color: white
Docked tail: yes
Cropped ears: no
Children under 4: no
Children over 4: no
Separation anxiety: no
Other dogs: no
Cats: no
Crate trained: yes
House trained: Mostly
Obedience trained: will sit for treat
Leash trained: Severe puller 
Microchipped: yes

Adoption Fee: $375

3/3/18:  Bianca is very sweet to her people.  She gets excited to see them and give kisses and cuddles.  The rambunctious noise and play  of other dogs makes Bianca very nervous. Bianca has initiated conflict with the dogs in the house when she is afraid or feels threatened. Once she starts a fight, she needs to be physically separated from the other dogs.  Bianca will best thrive in a quiet adult only home with humans that recognize her fears and are able to help her manage her reactions to those fears.   

2/25/2018 Bianca is super sweet and would be happy in a low energy home. She loves to sit on her people and give kisses.  She cuddles in bed with her head on the pillow and occasionally rests her head on your shoulder to sneak a kiss during the night. She doesn’t seem interested in toys or playing with the other dogs and prefers to watch them play next to her person. She has a beautiful blue eye and an adorable smile.  Cats are a no for this girl.  She is far too fixated on them and has tried to pin both of our cats.  I would not trust her unsupervised with them.  She is currently on medication for a tear in her ACL and walks with a limp, however that doesn’t stop her.  She uses stairs to get up on our tall beds.  Bianca needs to work on toning her bikini bod in preparation for summer.