State: CT
Age: 7 years
DOB: 7-2009
Weight: 76#
Sex: female
Neut/UPD:  yes/yes
Coat Color:  reversed brindle
Docked Tail: Yes
Cropped Ears: No
Children under 4: no (no history)
Children over 4: Yes
Separation Anxiety: No
Other Dogs: Yes
Cats: probably
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Leash Trained; No
Obedience Trained:Somewhat
Adoption Fee: $375

6/29/17- Unfortunately Blackie has had a tough week. She has lost more use of her hind legs due to the DM and has had multiple accidents in the house, which is not normal for her. She has also had some weight loss which is more muscle tone than weight. Her hind quarters are smaller every week.  She has moments now where she cries because she can't come up the ramp that was built to the yard and she has to be helped in the house.  She also has times where she can't get up.  Also standing long enough to eat her dinner is tough. Sadly this is the DM progressing quickly and we know this is not reversible.  For this reason we have decided Blackie will just stay with her foster Mom until her quality of life is no longer there.  Please keep them in your thoughts. 

4/5/17 Hi everyone!  My name is Blackie and I am looking for my forever home.  If you would like an older super calm boxer girl I am the one for you!  My back legs give me some trouble but I manage to get around quite well with the disability.  I take my heart medicine in my food without blinking an eye.  I love to climb up with my front legs and give my humans lovings.  And they in turn give me a good ear rub.  They call me their “good good girl” and I am so happy to please them.  Please consider adopting me and I will be your “good good girl” too!

1/31/17-Blackie is a beautiful lady with a great disposition. She struggles a bit with her back legs and should  have a forever home with no or very few stairs. Carpet and throw rugs help her to get around easier too without slipping at times.  The vet checked her out and thought it might be FCE (fibrocartilagenous embolism) or possibly start of DM (degenerative myelopathy). Neither have any treatment and cause the dog to have less control over their back legs.    Blackie did adjust to the stairs here at her foster home, but it should be easier for this girl in her golden years. She also has a heart arythmia which she takes 80 mg Sotolol twice a day for but shows no symptoms or issues.  She is very content in her crate until you get up in the morning, and will only go out if she needs to. On the second day she was here, she was letting us know when she needed to go out. She is a pleasure to have here. She eats 1/3 cup of food 2x a day and maybe a couple
of treats. She is very happy with her 2 front paws up on my lap getting her lovings.  Blackie moved to a different foster home today that didn't have so many stairs. More updates soon from there.  

1/21/17- Blackie and her brother Texas came into rescue today as sadly
their elderly owner that had them since they were puppies just passed
away. Updates soon from her foster home.