State:  ME

Age:   2 years 

DOB:  Unknown

Weight:  72 lbs

Sex:  Male

Spayed/UTD: Soon/Soon

Coat Color:  White

Docked Tail:  Yes

Cropped Ears:  No

Children under 4: Unknown

Children over 4: Yes

Separation Anxiety:  No

Other Dogs:  Yes

Cats: No (no history)

Crate Trained:  yes

House Trained: yes

Leash Trained: unknown

Obedience Trained:  No

Adoption Fee:  $375

5/20/18   Its' been a week in foster home and Brodie is doing great!  At the beginning of the week, after some hard play, I was concerned about his gate with his front paw.  But my concern was short lived.  Brodie goes for walks at least daily, sometime twice a day.  He's met several strangers and sat in a little league field watching baseball.  Brodie has seen other dogs but hasn't met nose to nose; he is redirected well. We've learned Brodie likes to chew on antler bones, likes banana and carrots, and enjoys looking out the window. Also, when he wants something, he communicates it with typical boxer talk.  Brodie is scheduled for his neuter this week and I expect his doctor visit will go well.  He's a great companion and awaiting his forever home. 

5/13/2018 Brodie is a 2 yr old boxer.  He’s quick, curious and confident.  His first day was busy with the transfer and a 3 mile walk. He obviously slept well.  He doesn’t display much anxiety and prefers the furniture to rest. Though he lets me know his discouragement with his typical boxer talk, he is receptive to learning better habits. 

Brodie came to foster from a home with some observations. 

Apparently he is a digger, even under fencing.  I will report more if observed. It’s referenced he prefers women but in this household of 4 adults with 1 woman, his preference doesn’t seem as prevalent. 

Brodie’s front right paw seems to have had a break that didn’t heal normally, details weren’t extended with the surrender. It does not appear to be painful or disrupt his ability, and his gate is minimally altered. 

Brodie appears to have been crate trained and so far is receptive to using it while humans eat and to sleep. 

Brodie does well with his outdoor business preferring beyond the edge of the grass and trees. 

Brodie has confirmed he likes walks and car rides. 

And he did very well meeting a stranger. 

Brodie is scheduled for his neuter in about 10 days. 

More to come.