tate: CT

Age: Approx. 6 yrs. old

DOB: Unknown

Weight: 43 lbs. (needs weight)

Sex: Femal

Neutered/UTD: yes/yes

Coat Color: Flashy Fawn

Docked tail: Yes

Cropped Ears: No

Children under 4: Unknown

Children over 4: Yes, but again she's very shy even with children

Seperation Anxiety: NO

Other Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Crate trained: Yes

House Trained: Mostly 

Leash trained: No

Obedience trained: No

Adoption Fee: $450.00 


12/27/2019 Please meet Bryte, this stunning girl arrived and she is actually distressing in her foster home.  She has been a puppy mill Mama, and it shows in her very, very timid approach to life in general.

It has taken a few days of just letting her get the routine of the household and asking nothing of her except to relax and feel her way thru this complete and total change in her life.  She was so scared and shy when she first arrived, that if she could avoid me she would do so.  Over the last 5 days, she is now venturing into the living room where we all tend to hang out and relax at the end of the day.  When she first arrived she tended to hide in the kitchen and sun room.  She wanted to know where we were, but house living was all new to her, and she just didn't know how to mingle, although she is great with the dogs and will follow them outside, she is very partial to the foster puppy we also have and has started to play with the other dogs, however that is also short lived, as that alone is also very new to her.

Temperment wise, this is an awesome dog, I've taken her to my vets office, where she was given a clean bill of health, and also had her ears checked as it was noted that she had a very slight ear infection, the medication is doing it's job.  She was a very good girl for her bath, and she is looking for a quieter home, where she is given the time and patience needed for her to intergrate into a life totally new to her.