State: Maine
Age 7.5
DOB 4/21/12
Weight 63
sex Male
color  fawn
Neut yes
UTD yes
Docked tail yes
cropped ears no
children over 4 y
children under 4  No, no history
other dogs yes
cats Yes
separation anxiety no
leash trained unsure
house trained yes
obedience trained some
microchipped unknown
adoption fee:  $450

Bucket arrived around noon and was given the yard to explore before
going into the house.  He crates well, but would prefer to not be
crated.    After resting a bit, and my dogs doing the great "sniff", I
turned him out into the yard with my Peter and they got on well.  Phoebe
also went out but seemed to feel dwarfed.  A bit later all 3 boxers went
out and got on well.

He ate a good supper and is comfortable around my dogs, the cats and the
woodstove.   He has found the water supply, but doesn't seem to drink
excessively.  He does "go" excessively outside. Hopefully, he will soon
become comfortable with the dog door.