State:  New York City area
Age: 6 years
DOB: Unsure
Weight: Unsure
Sex: Male
Neutered/Up to date: Yes/Yes
Coat Color:  white
Docked Tail:Yes
Cropped Ears:No
Children under 4: no
Children over 4:Yes
Separation Anxiety: No
Other Dogs:Yes (needs another dog)
Crate Trained: Unsure
House Trained: Yes
Leash Trained; Unsure
Obedience Trained: Unsure
Adoption Fee: $375


9/4/17- Casper came in today from a great shelter we work with.  Here
is the info on him from the shelter:  Casper is a 6 year old deaf
incredibly sweet (and super handsome!) boxer boy.  He was surrendered
to the shelter with his buddy, an older labrador retriever. They were
surrendered because their family is facing medical hardships so could
no longer keep them.  Casper’s previous owners said he is housebroken,
great with other dogs, good with kids of all ages, he was an indoor
pet and he knows some hand signals. The shelter staff absolutely loved
this boy and took turns taking him outside. He’s very spunky and has a
goofy, lovable personality and passed the shelter's cat test too.
Updates soon from his foster Mom.

September 4th:

My name is Casper, I’m a 6 year old deaf white boxer and I came into SCBR after my foster mom picked me up from a shelter in NJ.  We had a 2 hour car ride to her house and she says I was very good in the car.  I did get up once and awhile to look out the window but for most of the ride I slept.  When we arrive to her house, she brought me into the backyard and I stretched my legs.  She gave me dinner and took me for a walk.  It’s been a while since I was able to go on a long walk so I was happy to explore a new neighborhood.

September 5th:

Foster mom worked from home today so that I could get used to my new surroundings and not be alone.  I’m still not used to being here so I watch where she is and follow her everywhere.  She keeps giving me this signal with her hand when I think I’m being a good boy.  At least I think I’m a good boy.  I know I’m still excited when we go for a walk but I can’t help it, there are too many new things to see.

September 6th:

I was sad today as my foster mom left me to go to this place called work.  She doesn’t have a crate so she closed the bedroom and bathroom door and put a gate by the living room so I had the kitchen all to myself.  It seemed like a lifetime before she came back.  When she did, I was so happy to see her and I got a lot of thumbs up (I think it’s a thumb) signs.  I’m a very slow eater always looking to see where she is and if she leaves me I go to find her, food can wait, I want to see her.

September 9th:

It’s me Casper again, I forgot to mention that I’m looking for a forever home and am really a very good boy.  Foster mom is teaching me some signs and I’m beginning to understand.  When we go out, she uses her two fingers to walk in the air and I know I’m going for a walk.  She makes me sit before she puts the leash on my, I try to sit patiently but I can’t wait to see what’s out there.  People have been coming up to meet me and I’m really excited, I love being petted.  I can’t understand what they’re talking about but I sit patiently while they talk.  When I meet other dogs, I get more excited and I bark to talk to them.  Sometimes they are nice but there’s this one pit bull mix that just doesn’t like me.  We walk past a dog park and I want to go say hi to everyone and he seems like a bully.  Foster mom says she would bring me in there but not when he’s in there.  His owner is there and he listens to him but she doesn’t want me to get hurt.  I can wait to meet the other dogs.

September 13th:

I have to tell you something exciting – no I haven’t found my forever home yet I know it’s out there.  This weekend, my foster mom left the bedroom and bathroom doors open when she went out and she's still leaving them open.  I think she did that because I was in the bedroom once when she wanted to go out and I wouldn’t leave.  She keeps using this sign and I know she wants me to come but I wanted to stay.  She decided to see if I could be a good boy and guess what, I was!  She came back home and everything was like she left it.  I kept getting the thumbs up and lots of hugs and kisses.  Speaking of hugs and kisses, I love giving them just as much as I do receiving them!