State:  CT
Age:  6
DOB: 9/20/11
Weight:  23 lbs.
Sex:  M
Neut/UPD:  Yes/Yes
Coat Color:  Chocolate/Seal
Docked Tail: Yes
Cropped Ears: No
Children under 4: No
Children over 4:   10 & up
Separation Anxiety: No
Other Dogs: Yes (best as only dog though)
Cats:  No (no history)
Crate Trained:  Yes
House Trained: Yes
Leash Trained; Yes, needs more work
Obedience Trained: nothing formal
Micro-chipped: no
Adoption Fee: $375.

1/6/18-Hi all, I know it has taken me a while to update this soft, handsome boy, but we have really gotten to know him pretty well.The first few weeks was a big adjustment for this boy, he came from a well loved home, where he was the center of attention for 5 yrs  Although he was well loved, I'm not sure that Charlie had a lot of limits set for him. And he was an only dog.  So it took some adjustments on his part when he was suddenly among 4 other dogs, and not the center of attention. But, he really has adjusted pretty well, and has proven that he can be around other dogs, but he would really rather be an only dog.  I say this because he cannot share his rubber toys, at all, and becomes very obsessive with them, to the point of having to remove them entirely, except when he is crated.  That's when he gets his toys all to himself.  He also is feed separately, but then all my dogs are.  Once feeding time is over, we remove his dish....he doesn't care if the other dishes are down, he just doesn't handle having his dish sniffed by other dogs, full or empty. I found, that I really can do just about anything with him, bath time, nails clipped, brushing (he loves being brushed), and he loves to snuggle with you in a chair and will escort you anywhere you go in the house, he just loves being with people. Charlie would do best in a home with children over 10, and he would happily share your bed, without taking up to much room.  This boy is ready to make someone a happy companion.

12/12/2017 Charlie came into rescue a week ago. He needs to be an only dog. He doesn't handle young children in the household well.  He is very sweet and loves to cuddle. Check in shortly as we get to know him we will have 
another update. He has been a very well loved pet.