State: CT

Age: 4.5 months

DOB: unknown

Weight: ?

Neutered/UTD: NO/Yes

Coat Color: Reverse Brindle/white markings

Docked tail: Yes

Cropped ears: No

Children under 4: Unknown/no exposure

Children over 4: Yes

Separation Anxiety:  He's still young

Other Dogs: Yes, he's learning quickly because of other dogs

Cats: Yes

Crate Trained: Work in progress

House Trained: Work in progress

Leash trained: work in progress

Obedience trained: NO

Adoption Fee: $550.00


12/27/2019 Presenting Chase (puppy), and he is adorable. Reverse brindle, with generous white marking, this boy is cute as a button.  Chase was surrendered due to a question of neurological lameness.  However, he is not lame at all, just due to living a puppy mill lifestyle, he showed signs of lack of muscle in his hind quarter and slightly bowed out rear knees, but with lots of running and playing and lots of outside of crate time, this boy is much stronger and we are seeing a lot more growth and strength as a result.  Being also from a puppy mill background, he is quieter than the normal puppy and also very shy, which he is getting over nicely, but it is important to remember that he did not have the human exposure that is normal, the result being, he's learning to seek out attention and praise but is still very shy.

Chase is currently potty training, and although starting this process a little late, he's learning.  It is a difficult time of year to learn this behavior being so cold out, but it is a work in progress.

Chase of course is learning a lot from his boxer/boston terrier foster brothers, so this will help. 

Recently Chase also had a visit with my vet, and he is doing great, healthy and happy.