State - Central NY
Age - 2 
DOB - 8/19/16
Weight - 54 lbs
Sex - Male
Neutered / UTD - Yes / Yes
Coat color - white
Docked Tail - yes
Cropped ears - no
Children under 4 - No (too jumpy)
Children over 4 - yes
Separation anxiety - Some
Other dogs - yes, needs another dog
Cats - yes
Crate trained - No
House trained - yes
Obedience trained - no
Leash trained - yes
Microchipped - no

1/2/19-Unfortunately Chip is coming back to rescue Saturday as even though the really love him already, he is having some issues in his new home.  He is showing some separation anxiety when left home alone by having accidents in the house even though he is house trained.  We now think he needs another dog in his new home as he didn’t have this issue when he was gated in a room with other dogs at his foster home.  Also their young son is not use to a jumpy, barky young playful boxer and gets scared when Chip is outside and wants to play.  He would be better with older kids to live with even though he is good with younger ones when in the house.  So Chips ideal home will need someone home more often and with another dog. 

12/12/18-Chip was adopted!Adoption fee - $375

11/26/18-Chip was a very special guest for our Thanksgiving gathering, he charmed everyone. He cuddled and snuggled and leaned on or sat on everyone!  Chip is happiest when he’s playing in the back yard or snuggling with (or on) his people or his doggie buddies.

Chip is learning some basic obedience skills. He’s a good student, it’s so clear he wants to learn, wants to please and loves to hear he’s a good boy!

11/12/18 Chip has recovered from his neuter and is loving life without the cone!  His eyes are almost cleared up (we wonder if it was an allergic reaction to low quality food he was on), and we think he’s put on a few pounds. So he’s a healthy, happy guy!  

Chip loves to run and play with our two boxers, and he’s just as fond of curling up at our feet, or sneaking in some kisses!  He has such a soft coat so he’s perfect for cuddling.   He’s ready to make his forever family so happy!

October 28 -- Chip's previous owner described him as sweet and mellow, but warned he is an escape artist and will run away if given the chance. He is underweight and needs to be neutered so we will get him to the vet this week.

November 3 -- Earlier this week Chip was brought up to date on his vaccines and was neutered, and he's recovering well. He was wormed, so we expect he'll soon put some weight on, and he was given antibiotic eye drops. His eyes are already clearing up (not so pink) after just a few days, so he's healthy and fit!

Chip is exactly as he was described, he's sweet and affectionate and is pretty low key for such a young guy. He gets along great with our two dogs and really loves being with his people. He's not a counter-surfer and he doesn't get up on the furniture!  With a treat to entice him, he goes into his crate and then settles in. 

His one flaw is he won't pass up the opportunity to escape.  We had to move some furniture that was near the fence in our backyard because we saw him with his front paws up on the bench, like he was planning his escape route.  And inside the house while we were separating him from our two dogs, he managed to climb over a 3 1/2 foot gate!  
He's a really good boy, and is going to make his forever family (with a fenced in yard) very happy!