AGE  3.5
DOB  unknown
WEIGHT 60 lbs
SEX   Male
NEUT/UTD   Yes/ Yes
COATCOLOR  Fawn and white
CHILDREN under 4  No (no history)
OTHER DOGS  Must have a canine companion
CRATE TRAINED  Working on it

3/19/20  We are now able to progress Clyde’s rehab out into the streets. LOL. We started walking down the street and back yesterday. He still needs some leash training as far as walking on the side of me and where to walk on the street. He was definitely interested in meeting another dog and family that was walking by, but due to his recovery process, we kept him away from the other dog. We did notice he become fearful when he saw an older man with a rake who was simply raking his yard. I’ve known this man forever and is harmless. He required much encouragement to keep walking by his house and I gave him lots of loving for doing so. I also noticed that he became nervous when my 5 year old son walked on the other side of a car and he was out of site. It was like he was wondering “Wait....where did my pack go?” He does seem to favor women still but now that he’s getting more walks we’re hoping he’ll have more interaction with all kinds of people. He’s a sweet loving boy that is having more energy to play in the yard and we’re struggling to keep him under doctors orders. LOL

2/27/20  Clyde had his sutures removed without difficulty and his scar is healing well. The MD felt he was progressing nicely and had good ROM in that leg. We’re still assisting/guiding him up and down the stairs for his potty breaks. He will need about another 6 weeks or so of this guidance. He is also scheduled for a routine follow up X-ray in April to check on his leg. He is definitely feeling better and wants to run and jump. We’re doing our best to keep him entertained without him getting too active. LOL We’ve noticed that Clyde has a ton of personality at home and with familiar guests, but doesn’t show it at all at the MD office. He is usually very stoic at their office and with new people. Once he warms up to you, he’s such a lovable sweet tail wagging boy who loves attention and talks back to us and shakes his stuffed dog around. We’ve found that he likes to sneak stuffed animals out of my sons room to shake around. He doesn’t chew on them....just shakes and snuggles with them. It’s just adorable. We will continue to keep everyone updated on his progress.

2/16/20  Clyde had a successful surgery on Monday for his ACL on his right hind leg.  He is doing amazing. He’s doing exceptional with the cone type collar as well as the inflatable ring type collar.  He’s not letting either one stop him from getting around the house. He’s being a very good patient by leaving his incision alone.  Phew!  He is being leash walked and assisted down the stairs to go potty.  We have to support (not lift) his backend while going down the stairs to ensure his steadiness and prevent a fall.  Once we get down stairs, he can be leash walked to do his business.  He’s still his silly happy self.  He’s talking back to us when we tell him it’s not dinner time yet and nudging us when he wants his neck scratched.  He goes back to the vet on Thursday to have his sutures removed.  Keep the prayers coming for this young boy.  

1/16/2020 Clyde had a hopeful meeting with a specialist on Monday and his prognosis has improved! The specialist felt that if we could repair the torn ACL on his right leg that it could better support his left leg long term. Unfortunately he didn’t feel they could do anything for his left leg. This was very encouraging news for sweet Clyde. They would need to perform an different and more supportive ACL repair to really help with his recuperation on his weaker left leg. The cost of the procedure is about $3000. Clyde deserves a chance to live at his best. He’s a loveable goofy boxer boy who loves his humans and canine friends. He’s putting in the effort to learn his manners and be the best boxer boy he can be. 

1/11/20-Clyde spent Monday at the vet getting X-rays done to see what’s going on with his back legs. He was a really good boy for them.  His prognosis isn’t exactly what we were hoping for, but he’s a strong boy with a strong will.  His right back leg has some arthritis that’s already developed most likely from an old ACL injury. X-rays can’t visualize an ACL injury, but his joint swelling and arthritis are consistent with an old ACL injury.  His left leg is a little different.  His left knee cap is off center and the vet was unable to slide it back in position (even under sedation). He also has what looks like a bone spur to the side of his knee that can happen to any dog.  It’s unclear whether the knee cap was an old injury or he developed that way.  The initial MD decision is that surgery would not be an option for him since both legs have some weakness and he wouldn’t be able to properly heal the other knee.  We are waiting for a second opinion just in case there’s something we can do.  All of this doesn’t sound great, but I swear it’s like he heard his prognosis and said “Nope....I’ll show you what I can do”.  He has been getting more and more playful and boxing with us humans.  I think he’s still a little nervous to box with his canine peers.  He’s running more and trying to do more jump into my husbands recliner! He’s responding more to commands such as “no” and “go downstairs and go pee”.  He loves to snuggle with you and nuzzle you.  He’s such a sweetheart. 

 12/28/19-Clyde is still growing his personality on a daily basis.  It’s like he’s a puppy all over again, except that potty training party. LOL..  Since he hasn’t been exposed to a lot of toys or even a home, he’s not sure what’s a toy and what’s not.  We’ve taught him where the toy basket is but he’s still learning.  He will ever so casually/sneakily grab a stuffed animal from my sons room and drag it out to the living room.  He never harms the intended victim....thank goodness.  He’s also tried to grab the tv remote with his little nub wagging like crazy.  He’s so silly. He responds quickly to “No”, so no worries.  He sleeps with my female boxer 95% of the time. He greets me every morning circling around with tail wagging and just so happy.  Such a difference love and kindness and patience have.  He loves his 5yr and 11yr old human brothers.  He helps wake up the 11yr old every morning.  He is hesitant towards my husband but will let him take care of him. Clyde has learned that we will come back after we crate him so he’s not trying to break out anymore. He loves his frozen peanut butter Kong and will get in his crate with ease with that.  Clyde does have an MD apt on Monday to check out his back legs and will update as we get more information on him.  

12/16/2019 Clyde has been with us for a little over a week now and he has grown so much.  When we received him from transport, the woman told us he couldn’t walk and that the prior transporters lifted him into her car.  We were worried.  But as we talked to him and gently encouraged him out of the car...he found his legs.  His back legs appeared thin and weak.  Made sense since he had been crated as a puppy mill dog his whole life so far.   We then got to the stairs....he had not been on stairs before. He fumbled his way down and did better on the way up.  Practice makes perfect though. Clyde seemed indifferent to our attention.  He let us pet him and take care of him, but he was certainly confused by all this attention. There was no boxer wiggle or tail wag.   He appeared nervous and desperately wanted to be with my female boxer. Once we let her greet him, things were looking up.  .  He followed her everywhere. He ate because she was and he followed her around outside to do his business.  After such an eventful day, he fell asleep next to her in the dog bed in our bedroom.  And guess what?? The next morning I got a small tail wag from him.  He got lots of petting for that!!!  And now here we are a week later and Clydes doing awesome!  We had some issues with the crate but that seems to have cleared up. He and his girlfriends crate have to be facing each other.   He now greets us at the door with a happy wagging tale. He's mastered the stairs too!  He’s starting to gallop around the backyard with Mocha. He still has ?muscle weakness in his back legs but we’re working on getting him stronger.  Depending on how he improves, he may need a vet visit to check them out.  Clydes on his way to a new life filled with love, patience, kindness and a renewed faith in better things

12/11/2019 Clyde has come into rescue this past weekend and we will update his progress in a few day