State Western NY
Age  8 years
DOB  unsure
Weight  57 lbs
Sex  Female
Color  Brindle and white
Neut/up to date  soon/soon
Docked tail  yes
Cropped ears  No
Children over 4  Yes
Children under 4  No (no history)
Other dogs Yes
Cats  no (no history)
Separation anxiety  No
Leash trained  Unsure
Crate trained  Unsure
House trained  Learning
Obedience trained  No
Adoption Fee: $100

10/27/2018 Cookie continues to do well at her foster home.  She was spayed last week and is getting back to her old self.  She was put on antibiotics as her incision was oozing and very red but it looks great now.  A few weeks ago, she had an eye ulcer that we got medication for has come for along perfectly.  I think she is finally healthy and ready to find her forever family.  Years of no veterinary care showed on this sweet girl.  She continues to learn something new everyday.  This will be daily as she learns to cope with such a new life outside of the puppy mill.  She is very sweet and kind and loves attention.  She loves to go for walks and does a very good job. She responds very well to positive reinforcement and food.  Cookie loves treats and is a great eater, eating way too fast.  Cookie will need patience as she learns what is acceptable and what makes you happy.  She is really good at going outside to use the bathroom but for a bit you will have to catch her signal of pacing and getting nervous.  She loves her resident dogs here and plays often.  Cookie is quite the package.  If you think she would fit into your life and want a loving companion, she might just be your girl.


Cookie has had a very busy first month at her foster home.  She has been learning so many new things here.  She is going for walks on a leash everyday.  She does good but does show some fear of cars.  I make sure that I tell her it is okay and she quickly follows her foster brother Henry and sister, Josie.  She has gained lots of confidence from them and she would do well with another dog.  Cookie and Josie became fast friends and they do play quite often. It is fun to watch. They have lots in common as they are survivors from a puppy mill.  Henry is a little older than the girls so he plays but not as enthusiastic as the girls.  Cookie is a wonderful eater but eats way too fast.  She eats twice a day and eats kibbled with a little can.  Cookie is doing really well on housebreaking.  She has a few accidents once in a while but I really think she almost has it.  This girls does not like rain at all.  She apparently is just like every other boxer!  I will tell you that this girl likes to counter surf and has caught me a few times, she will empty a toy box as soon as you pick it up and will bark at outside noises.  She is so sweet and will melt your heart.  I don't have a cat but she seems very interested in them on our walks, also will chase a squirrel up a tree.  Maybe it is because she never has been able to do this.  She is very active for an 8 year old girl.  Cookie has had all her vaccinations and her skin and ears are so much happier after being treated for yeast.  The yeast in her ears needed 2 treatments as they were so bad.  She will be spayed on the 17th of October and then she should be ready for her new home.  She does love her people so if you can make her a part of your family, you will have a friend.

9/9/18-Cookie has been at her foster home about a week now.  She is doing really well for a mill dog.  She went to the vet as the poor girl could not stop itching.  She was very uncomfortable.  They found that she has yeast everywhere!  She was given some antibiotics to help with all her sores and a anti fungal pill to get rid of the infection.  She did very well at the vet and tolerated him well.  They want to give her body time to heal before vaccinations and spaying.  She is getting along with the other resident dogs.  She has just begun to play a bit.  Working on housebreaking and leash walking.  She hasn't figured out going around objects yet when I am on the other side.  She can become frightened easily and sometimes it doesn't take much. Cookie loves her food and she is patient when I am making it.  I haven't fostered for quite a few years and Cookie has kept me on my toes.  I wouldn't expect a dog from a puppy mill to be a good counter surfer!!  She showed me!!  I bought some pre-made hamburgers and my husband suggested that I not buy an open package (half a burger missing.)

I was also missing a can of dog food that was already opened that I thought I left on the counter as I was getting ready to feed them.  I went back to the refrigerator, still can't find it.  All of a sudden, I had a feeling....walk into living room and she has the can holding it with her front paws and working to get all she could!!! She was very proud of herself.  I think she is a pretty smart Cookie!!

8/31/18-Cookie is an 8 year old owner surrender that arrived to our rescue tonight from an Amish puppy mill.  She was retired several years ago and became a "farm" dog because she is social and friendly with people and other dogs.  We don’t know much else on her background since she came from a puppy mill.  Updates from her foster home soon.