DOB: 2/3/16

WEIGHT: 70 lbs 

SEX: Male

NEUT / UPT:  Yes/Yes

COAT COLOR: Fawn / Brown / White














12/7/18-Hello, Creed is an incredibly sweet, happy, outgoing boxer boy. Recently you've noticed that he had a hold on his page, and that is because there was a bite incident with this boxer boy while in a temporary foster home.  This was not an aggressive incident, however accidental as it was, and the fact that it was a 10 year old child, we have determined that Creed should not go to a forever home that has children or children visiting.  All involved with this boy, temporary foster home, Animal Control officer who interacted with Creed while he was in quarantine after this incident, felt that this was a really good dog, but that he just should not be around young children as he seems to see them as giant play toys.

Creed has lived with me for 3 weeks, and has full access to a chain link fenced yard, and has total access with my dogs, one of which is a 19 lb. Boston Terrier, and they all play completely safe.  He has been so good, that he has earned his freedom from being crated at night while I'm sleeping, as he is happy to sleep on his dog be in the bedroom with the other 4 dogs in my home. I've had company, adult male and female enter my home, and Creed greets each happily and without concern, he is also comfortable with teenagers. However again, we would only be comfortable with him going to a home with older teenagers.  Everyone who has come into contact with Creed while he has been with me has been very impressed with his manners, sit stay, down and come.  He still needs some leash work, but that is just something that comes with time and constant patient training.
This very handsome boy is ready to go to his forever home now. 

10/31/18-Creed is on hold and not available for adoption right now. Over the next few weeks we will be evaluating his behavior and needs to determine what kind of home will be best for him.  Watch for more updates later in the month.  

10/23/18 Hello all, Creed is one totally awesome, handsome, and well behaved foster boy.  He has a great temperament, and is currently being fostered with a 3 yr. old male Boston Terrier, a 7 yr. old boxer boy, and an older foster boxer girl, and he is absolutely awesome with all 3 dogs.  His favorite of course is the Boston terrier who is about his age, however the Boston is  20 lbs to Creed's 70 lbs., which doesn't faze either on of them, and they will wrestle and run and play tug o war with the rope as well as the stuffed toys.  I just am so impressed with his temperament, and it is also very obvious that this boy would do best with another dog or multiple dogs.  Although he is not overly energetic, he would do best with a fairly active life style as he is only 2.5 yrs. old and loves to play.

Creed is also very good with commands, sit, stay, down and does walk fairly well on the leash.....but would highly benefit from formal training because of his age.  He is house trained and has not had a single accident in the house, and goes willingly into his crate with cookies, and has also been very good with strangers coming and going in my household.  

We will be exposing him to younger children again this weekend which will give me more info for everyone soon.  So keep watching for more on this very handsome boy.

10/11/18-Here is some background information on Creed.  His owners gave him up as they live in the city and basically have no yard so he was not getting exercise and they decided they want a smaller and less active dog.  We were told he is great with all dogs: big/small, male/female but no to cats as he likes to chase them.  He also lived with and was good with teenage kids. They said he loved people, wants to cuddle, give kisses, snuggle, but is a bit of a jumpy boy and wants to jump up for kisses so he needs some training on not jumping up. Creed also had a history of colitis and a sensitive stomach so is on a grain free, lamb and rice based food and must stay on that same food as it is working to keep him with no issues now.

Creed is showing a high prey drive with the 4 year old child in his foster home so he will be moving to another foster home soon.  Because of this he will need a home with teens or up and no young kids visiting.  He would do best in a quieter neighborhood, more rural, without lots of kids running through yard to tempt his chasing instinct.  More updates soon!

10/10/18 Creed is a very sweet and lovable boy.  He has a lot of energy and loves to play outdoors.  He runs very fast and will fetch a ball and bring it back.  He loves to be with people and gives lots of sloppy kisses.  When he first came, he jumped up when he had the opportunity.  He has gotten verbal corrections and he’s been very good about not jumping.  It was also noted he had lived in an apartment and with a fenced yard to run in, he’s much calmer and has not jumped up.

His overall temperament seems happy and he wants to be with his person.  He responds well to commands, Sit, Down and Stay, and will will continue them until he’s called off.  He is said to have Colitis and is on grain free dog food.  His stool is currently fine.