State: Maine
Age:  3 years
DOB: unsure
Weight:  unsure
Sex:  female
Color:  Brindle
Neut/upd:  Yes/yes
Docked Tail:  Yes
Cropped Ears:  No
Children under 4:  No (no history)
Children over 4: Yes
Other Dogs: no
Cats: no (no history)
Separation Anxiety: Some
Leash trained: Yes
crate trained:  Unsure
house trained:  unsure
obedience trained: Somewhat
Adoption Fee $375

6/17/18-Daisy has been with us for a week now and is doing great. After a few days, she settled in and seems to feel right at home. She has been exposed to several children ranging in ages from 8 to 10 years old and she did just fine. 
She has not met a person yet that she has not fallen in love with immediately and visa versa. And quickly bonded with us and sleeps in our bed. She is very willing to please and is quite a kisser.

In this next week, we will try to introduce her to a few friendly dogs and will see how she does. We will also give her more freedom running in the field on a long lunge line and give her more exercise. She seems to understand most commands and is great on a leash. She doesn’t seem to have history of playing with toys, nor does she recognize the fetch command. She does display separation anxiety and has from the beginning. As she needs to know where everyone is all the times. Also displays this with people she has just met - we had company for 2 days and she became very attached to them also. More to come

6/9/18-Daisy is a sweet 3 year old boxer owner surrender that came from a shelter in Georgia to a great local shelter we work with.  The shelter didn’t get much info on her except that she lived with another dog in her previous home, interacted with other dogs in Georgia, came to Maine with the other dog and never had any issues. Unfortunately she got into a pretty bad fight with another dog here at the local shelter.  The dog she got into a fight with has a history of being picky with other dogs and the intro was ok at first and then went bad.  The shelter tried some other dog intros after and said Daisy seems to be a dominant female that wouldn’t back down from a fight so she’d be best as the only dog in her home now.  The shelter also said Daisy is incredibly sweet with people, has the classic Boxer wiggle, and is just overall a really nice dog.  Unfortunately due to the fight they were no longer able to place her so they contacted us to take her as an only dog and find her a home.  While in Georgia Daisy was treated for heartworm and spayed.  She arrived at her foster home today so updates soon.