BEABULL (English Bulldog/Beagle Mix)

SEX: Female 
DOCKED TAIL: Natural no tail 
CHILDREN UNDER 4: No (No History) 
CHILDREN OVER 4: Ages 8 and up
HOUSE TRAINED:Work in progress 
LEASH TRAINED: Work in progress 

08/19/20 Darri also passed the cat test at the vet’s office this week. She showed no interest in the cat after looking at and sniffing it.  Darri just wanted to move on to see everyone else. 

8/19/20 Good morning from Miss Darri, yesterday I picked my little girl from my Vet, where she had stayed overnight so that we could get a good skin biopsy from her.  Although we have been treating her for a skin infection, if was also evident that it was not the normal, as she tested negative for sarcoptic mange, she also didn't show the typical signs of demodex mange, or the skin infections we often see....so it was determined that a skin biopsy was needed to pinpoint the exact infection we were dealing with.  This also needed to be sent out to Cornell University for examination.  My poor little girl, had 3 lumps removed in the process of examination from the back of her neck, and right between her shoulder blades, and on both sides of her neck, yes 4 sites in total, which gives her sutures in all 4 places.  Despite that having her eye sutures removed, she is now sporting body sutures.  We will have the results of these tests early next week and I will update everyone then.
But this has not even slowed her down, and she was more than happy to greet everyone with her happy smiles and willingness to give anyone who would accept it, a happy licky kiss.  This girl is so happy, and just loves everyone she meets, men, women and kids.  When anyone wants to reach down and pet her, she just melts like ice cream in summer.  She is just so loving and willing to give love, that it utterly amazes me.  
So currently my little friend is building her physical stamina by running around the yard, up and down deck stairs and doing her very best to keep up with the rest of the dogs here, and she is thriving, and just loving life, food and toys...yes she has discovered toys.  She loves them, stuffed toys, squeaky toys, jolly balls, and she has no issues sharing her new found treasures with the resident canines or with me.  She is one special girl.
So please, check back in soon to see how this awesome girl is doing.

8/16/20 So it's been just a week that Darri has been here and she is doing so good.  She's wonderful with her meditated skin baths, it's been easy with summer weather as I do her baths outside using the kiddy pool, because  the shampoo has to stay on for 15 minutes before being rinsed off. I just plop her in the pool, wet her down, lift her out and suds her up and let her run around until the timer goes off, plop her back in the pool, rinse her off and off she goes with the other dogs again. While doing this she's great, can't say she loves the water, but, she stands like a rock and lets me do it regardless. Such a good girl.

Tomorrow she sees my vet to have her eye lid sutures out and her skin checked as well as the bumps on her neck checked, then we will have a better idea when this little sweetheart will be ready for her new home. 
So again, stay tuned and I'll keep you all posted on this awesome Beabull. 
Yes, as much as she looks all bulldog, she is a beagle/bulldog mix. 

8/10/20 DARRI arrived thanks to an amazing group of volunteers.  She is a great girl, nice temperament, and friendly with all she meets. 

DARRI is a mill mamma, so she is not in the best of health at the moment. All of which she will heal from...eyes both had surgery to correct her eye lids, she has a treatable skin infection that is not contagious, she has a foot abscess that is also healing nicely, and is currently taking antibiotics both oral and applied to her eyes 2 times daily, and ear drops for her ear infections. 

Don't let this scare you, she's going to heal beautifully, and she is excellent about all her treatments. After her treatments I get little kisses, she is a sweet little girl.

So please check back to see how great this girl is going

08/07/20  Darri came into rescue today.  She is a 2 year old Beabull (English Bulldog/Beagle Mix) from a puppy mill.