State:  Western NY
Age: 10
DOB: 11/24/07
Weight:65-70 LBS.
Coat Color:
Docked Tail:YES
Cropped Ears:NO
Children under 4: Yes
Children over 4:YES
Separation Anxiety: NO
Other Dogs: NO
Cats: NO
Crate Trained:YES
House Trained: YES
Leash Trained; SOME
Obedience Trained: SOME
Micro-chipped: YES
Adoption Fee: $100.00

5/17/18-Great news on Diamond’s age! We were determined to figure out the age dilemma with her as everyone and all vets thought no way she’s 13 years old.  We had the shelter she came from call her vet from her original owners. They had her as a puppy until they sadly had to surrender her to the shelter due to losing their home.  The Animal Hospital has Diamond's birthdate listed as November 24, 2007, so she's actually only 10 now!  Also the surrender info said she lived with young kids and was good with kids under 4.  Won’t you give Diamond the forever home she deserves?

2/25/18-Diamond has been with us for some time now she is very comfortable at our home as if she had been around forever. On cold nights Diamond loves to crawl under the blankets with her humans to curl up and get a good nights sleep. Diamond will complain a bit if she wants help to get covered for a nap or thinks it's time to eat. If Diamond is fussing it is usually, food, covers, water, or to go outside and she will respond to "do you need to go out?" by moving in a spirited fashion towards the door or look away if she wants something else.  Diamond can be a talker and will howl for her old lady if she is gone too long. Diamond loves walks and is always interested in snacks so food moderation is up to her humans. We have all survived Diamond's allergy attacks she may need periodic medication if an outbreak occurs. I think we have had a total of 3 in the year and have a handle on how to stop them at this point. Diamond is used to having her people at home as I have been out of work due to injury and mom is retired. Diamond does get a bit nervous when mom goes out as she is Diamond's primary human but she is fine with me. I generally will crate her if she is left alone as her food drive may get her into trouble when left alone. When Diamond arrived with us she had some bladder issues leakage but over time that has passed and we have been issue free for months now. The only times we have had issue was when she was given steroids for an allergy attack. Diamond is a wonderful girl acts much younger than her age and loves any attention she can get. PS Diamond is not fond of getting her photo taken.

8/30/17-Diamond is doing very well. She is used to the neighborhood
and is very comfortable. She does not even bark back at the dogs that
bark at us as we go by. She has even gotten used to short stays
outside. One of her favorite things is to lay in the sun. Fifteen
minutes is the maximum time for her now. She is so used to it now she
comes to the door before time is up. She is such a good girl she stays
out of my flower and vegetable gardens, even though she loves the
beans and peas.

When she went to the vet in June the vet asked about her age.  He said
if she came off the street he would have said she was seven years old
at most eight. He checked her mouth and posture and behavior.  Don't
let Diamond's age turn you away from her, she's got a lot of life in
her still!

8/6/17-I noticed yesterday Diamond has an ear that is half inflamed
and very hot to the touch. No sign of bite or abrasion.  Today the ear
is red but looking better.  I think the Zyrtec worked. It was the vets
recommendation to use if another flare up started.  I did look further
and do see one tiny spot that could have been a bug bite. Seems that
this girl has some bug allergies.  Diamond is still spoiled and
waiting for her forever home.

6/24/17-Diamond made her visit to the vet as her paw issue was getting
worse. It seems she may be allergic to fleas or mites. We only spotted
one or two fleas over a week or two but this may have been enough.
Whom ever takes this precious girl will have to take great care to
keep her safe from these tiny vermin. The vet mentioned that he would
not be surprised if he saw us again in the next 3 months. We were also
informed that they thought that Diamonds age was more likely 8 years
old rather than the 12 we were told by shelter from last owners, clues
he mentioned were psychical conditioning, movement, and dental.
Diamond received flea tick medication, prednisone and antibiotics. As
of today she seems a bit less itchy and her skin condition has
improved greatly, no longer red pussy and bleeding, just a bit
discolored and scabby as of this morning.

6/4/17-Poor Diamond must have some sensitive skin second bout of
inflammation on head was nixed quickly this time but now we may have a
fungal infection in the toes on the right paw.  Looks a little better
today, not so red, with cleaning and some triple antibiotic ointment

4/14/17-From Nick, foster Dad: Diamond is a doll she does not show her age what so ever. She loves everyone and was very quick to be comfortable in our home. When Diamond sees other dogs walking by the yard she is interested but has not shown any tendency to bark, and when she sees the neighbors pup she is interested but walks away with you with not more than an "Let's Go.". While this sweet girl is not a barker per say she is a talker with my mother and sometimes myself. Now it is is good to be aware as her talking might be to alert you that it is time to hit the yard or you may be running late for dinner. Diamond has had no issues in the house other than her first days when we did not she was telling us to let her out, although being an older girl she does require yard use every 6 hours to be safe. Crate has been no issue for me and she will enter and be calm when door is shut with no barking on my departure.
4/10/17- From Foster Mom: Diamond is doing very well. She loves our walks. Today she seems to be surprised by the nice weather. She is content to just hang out and watch me clear out the debris from the garden. When the neighbor's dog is in the back yard she wants to keep going out and see him. But does not bark at him.

Diamond is a sweetheart. When someone comes she is glad to see them and greets them and does not bark at them. She loves to cuddle.


 2/12/17 Well we have learned a lot about Miss Diamond over the last few weeks.  The first is that she is truly a very spry senior who has plenty of pep to her step.  She is a healthy, well adjusted girl, who loves people of all ages, and greets eaveryone with a happty look and wiggle butt.  She has a healthy appatite and finishes all her food without making a mess around her bowl, and is happy to have a tasty cookie whenever you feel like handing them out.

Another thing we learned is that although she grew up with dogs, she would rather be an only dog.  With so many changes to her life, she really wasn't happty to have new dogs in her space and was not very gracious with my own boxer boy when he wanted to play with the dog next door, and the excitement level caused a disagreement between my Kane and Miss Diamond. 

So as awesome as this girl is, she will be best as an only dog. When walking down the street and going by other dogs, she is a doll, no issures at all.  Sjhe would just rather be an only dog who will get all the attention she deserves.

In her senior years though, she does neet to go outside more often or she may have little accidents in the house.  She willingly goes outside into the yard every time I ask her if she wants "outside", she will trott right out and releive herself outside. 

She is a great companion who is looking for the loving home she deserves.   

1/30/17 We welcomed this beautiful white Diamond to our home this weekend, and I am very impressed with this girl.  She may be 12 years old, but you'd never know it, she is mildly playful and does love to run in the yard, and shows no stiffness or joint sensitivity afterwards.  We are taking intro's with the dogs slowly, although she has lived with other dogs in the past.  She seems to do well with my black boxer boy who is 5, but is always more than willing to give a new foster the space they need to settle in.

Her white coat is like petting mink, she is just so very soft, and loves to be petted and hugged and told what a beautiful girl she is.

So please check back and see what else we find out about this beautiful whie Diamond.