STATE: Western New York
AGE:  6 Years
DOB: Unknown
WEIGHT:  53 lbs
SEX:  Female
NEUT/UTD: Yes / Yes
CHILDREN under 4:  Yes
CATS:  Yes

11/13/17- Dolly had her surgery last week, the mast cell on her neck came back as a level 2, low grade cancer.  The vet got wide margins and good excision but there is always a chance of re occurring. More updates soon on this sweetheart. 

11/6/17 - Dolly went to her appointment to have her mast cell removed and Dr. Joe called to say that the Dr. that reviewed her EKG advised a closer examination of her heart so back I went to get her. The next morning, we met with an Internal medicine doctor at our 24hr emergency vet hospital. He did a thorough exam, feeling and listening to her pulse and her heart all at various locations and for a long time.  His advice was not to do an echo, he didn't hear any arrhythmia at all.  The gold standard would be to monitor her, but he didn't feel as if it was warranted in Dolly's case. She shows no signs of having any heart problems, she doesn't faint, she isn't lethargic, and Dr. cleared her for the removal of the mast cell.  Hopefully, we can get in this week.  Have I said how awesome this girl is?  Well, if I did, let me tell you again.  She has been here two weeks, and aside the incident where she clawed a hole in the screen and went looking for me, she is perfect.  She is 100% house trained, she knows, sit, stay, down, paw and where's your ball? She was clearly someone's pet. She is tidy and doesn't rumple up her blankets, counter surf nor does she jump. She loves riding in the car and sits in the back seat like a human. She loves my grandchildren and can be gruffly on leash meeting other dogs, but it's all talk, she clearly gets along with other dogs. I have made a point of leaving the house everyday for varying lengths of time to let her know that I always come back.  I have crated her a few of those times and will be more diligent on using the crate more often. She used to bark a bit when I left, but that seems to have ended the more confident she gets. I still feel that the ideal home for her is one where her people are semi or retired or work opposite shifts.  She shouldn't be left alone in a home where everyone is gone all day. I can't say enough good things about Dolly and I sure will miss her when she finds her forever. 

10/27/17 - I took Dolly to my vet to check out the lump under her neck.  He guessed her to be about 5 years old, which i agree. He said 6-7 at the most, so we will go with 6 as best guess. The lump is a mast cell tumor so pending the results of her senior panel blood work, surgery will most likely be next week to remove it.  She's a very nice dog!

10/24/17- Dolly arrived here at her foster home on Saturday.  I love Dolly and think she is just the perfect lady. We did have a scare on Sunday though as we left around 4pm for a party. It was super nice outside so the windows were open some and I didn't crate her, no reason to. We came home 7:30, she had ripped a hole in the screen and was gone. We found her in less than 10 minutes one street over where she stopped to play with their dogs. This is probably how she turned up missing.  She's too well mannered, easy going and laid back.  She sits, gives paw, knows down, walks very well on a leash.  She was definitely someone's pet and not a throw away.  I would say because of this event she maybe has mild separation anxiety. I crated her yesterday 3 hours and today for a hour. She doesn't move the crate, doesn't drool or chew on it but she does lightly bark, for how long I cant tell you. This girl is A-mazing though. Her ideal house should have other dogs and preferably someone home more, at home mom, retired or work opposite shifts. She shouldn't go where she would be alone.  she is by far one of the sweetest boxers I've had the pleasure of knowing in a long time, probably since I lost mine. She is gentle, calm, playful as all heck.  her favorite toy seems to be a basketball and she's trying to fit it into her mouth! She absolutely adores children, I should know as I have nine that visited over the weekend. who's got room in their house and heart for a special sweetie like this?
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10/23/17-  Dolly was picked up as a stray and spent 2 weeks in a shelter waiting for the owner to claim her, but no one did.  On her way to her foster home , Dolly had a 4 day layover where (by both people and dogs) it was unanimously decided that she is the perfect dog. Easy going, full of energy, very loving, knows basic comands, loves to ride shotgun in the car and has an amazingly calm persona. She was exposed to cats in the shelter and had no interest. She has already spent time with people from 3 yrs to 88 yrs and was gentle and snuggly with everyone. I think she would do well with kids from all ages and other dogs. More to come in a few days....