AGE  9
DOB  6/03/2010
SEX   Male
NEUT/UTD   Yes/ yes
COATCOLOR  Fawn and white
CHILDREN under 4  Yes
CRATE TRAINED  No/but not needed

7/2 So Duke has been to the veterinarian and has gotten a clean bill of health.  He’s now up to date on his vaccines. He was a perfect gentleman for the doctor and staff. He was happy the whole time. I explained the occasional hesitation with his left back leg and they felt it may be an old ACL injury or beginning of arthritis since it doesn’t seem to hold him back. I took Duke for a 1.5 mile walk this morning before the MD and he was perfect for his walk. He was chasing after the resident dog in the backyard later that same day  And thankfully the fireworks don’t seem to phase him.  Phew! 

6/27/19 Duke has been the absolute best house guest we've had.  He gets along perfectly with the two resident female dogs and he met my parents male dog and was great.  He wanted to play but understood when Tucker wasn't so sure. BTW, he loves the car and is a perfect passenger. He has loved everyone that has come to house including appliance repair men.  He is definitely not a guard dog. LOL  He barks minimally and loves everyone.  He went for a walk this morning and was so excited he was carrying the leash all over the house before we left.  He does need some leash manners though.  He pulls initially, but then relaxes. I do notice that he has some minimal weakness in one of his back legs that we will get checked out when he gets to the vet. However this does not slow him down. I notice it mostly when he goes to sit down. We are learning more about Duke each day like he knows shake and treat.  Treat gets him really excited LOL   And Duke continues to be tolerant of the noise and activity of a home with two young boys and gets excited when they come home or they play with him.  

6/26/19-Here is some background info on Duke.  He is an owner surrender that came into rescue on 6/15 as his family was moving sadly couldn’t take him. He lived with & was good with kids 2 & 7 years and is said to be good with dogs and cats.  His owner said Duke is wonderful loving dog & all he wants is to play & receive as much attention as possible.

6/17/19 Duke has arrived to our foster home and has made himself right at home. He's a super sweet, still energetic, lovable big boy. We were a bit nervous when he arrived because we had a rather large outdoor party starting within hours and he wasn't crazy about the crate. Eek.  Our plan was to crate the two resident dogs and Duke right along side them.  When all was said and done, Duke became the life of the party.  He loved every single person at the party from 18months to adults. He loved the hugs and loving he got from everybody.  He easily found a shady spot to take a nap whether it was under the maple tree or under the food table. LOL  Unlike my resident dogs ( who were crated during the party), he wasn't intrusively begging for pizza and snacks. He wasn't startled (or even phased) by the loud kid noises or the inflatable water slide in the yard. We're still waiting on all his records, so he may need some vaccines before he's ready for his forever family