State:  CT
Age: 2 years
DOB: 8/27/14
Weight:  Unsure
Sex: Female
Neutered/Up to date: Yes/Yes
Coat Color:  brindle
Docked Tail: Yes
Cropped Ears: No
Children under 4: yes
Children over 4: yes
Separation Anxiety: No
Other Dogs: Yes
Cats: No (no history)
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Leash Trained; Somewhat
Obedience Trained: Unsure
Adoption Fee: $375.00

12/14/16 - Frankie is a beautiful and very sweet dog. She is hard to get pics of from the side that show how tall she is. She is housebroken and crate-trained. She likes dogs and people. My husband said she likes birds a little too much on their walks.  Even with my resident dog, who hasn’t been nice to her yet thru the gate- Frankie doesn’t growl or bark at him, and is not fearful of him.  She’s good on the leash, although strong, she will easily respond to corrections, very responsive to verbal commands. Our fenced in yard is big, and off leash, she rarely wanders more than 10 feet away, and returns often on her own, or when I call her. She will be a wonderful addition to any family. 

12/13/16- Here is some background info on Frankie Girl.  She is an
owner surrender who lived with and was great with a 5 year old male
boxer and two kids, 18 months and 6 years old.  Her owner really loved
her but felt they just didn't have enough time to give Frankie since
the 2nd child was born.  They felt she deserved a home where she would
have more attention and time for her.

12/11/16 - This is Frankie (girl) our first foster with SCBR. She's
tall and beautiful and strong.  Thanks to everyone who helped
transport her today!  More updates soon.