State: CT
Sex: Male
Nuetered/UPD: yes, yes 
DOB:  Unknown
Age: 5 yrs
Weight: 75 lbs.
Color: Flashy Brindle 
Docked tail: Yes 
Ears: Natural 
Children under 4: No 
Children over 4: Unknown 
Separation anxiety: Unknown 
Other dogs:Yes 
Cats: No
House trained: Unknown 
Leash Trained: some 
Obedience Trained: No 
Microchip: Yes 
Adoption Fee: $375.00
4/13/19-What a truly great dog is this Frankie. He is more relaxed with other dogs, actually would be best living with other dogs where he picks up a lot on their confidence level. Where as he is a shy boy with strangers, he warms up quickly and seeks attention of petting and hugs every time I've had company. I've stressed with visitors, basically ignore him when you first meet him upon arrival, let him come to you. He's not aggressive in any way,  but he can sound pretty ferocious. Again this is verbal only, and just needs more exposure to life. This silly boy will actually stand behind my little Boston Terrier when someone new arrives.....mind you he's a really tall boxer boy and looks really funny playing back up to his mini friend.As you can see from his pictures he's a beautiful boy, but he's as sweet as he is beautiful.

4/6/2019 Frankie arrived today and is adapting nicely. After a relaxing hour investigating the yard and all the great smells, he got to meet my boxer boy for a while, then he was able to meet my Boston, also known as "the terrorist ". Frankie was simply awesome with the intros. He is definitely on the shy side with new things and would benefit from someone who would expose him to walks, hiking, and people. 
After all the new things to explore, he settled down to eat a big dinner, finishing every last bite. 
So please check back as we learn more about him.