State: CT

Age: 5-6 years

Weight: 55 lbs.

Sex: Male

Color: Fawn with white

Neutered: Yes

UTD: Yes

Docked tail: yes

Cropped ears: No

Children over 4: Yes, but further testing

Children under 4: No, no history

Cats No (no history)

Other dogs: Yes

Separation anxiety: No

Leash trained: NO

House trained: Yes

Obedience trained: NO

Microchipped: NO


12/14/2019 Handsome man Freedom has come such a very long way, that I'm amazed at this dogs attitude and energy level.  He loves to run with the other dogs, especial Mara, and although he only stands on 3 legs, he doesn't hold back on boxer play, he can even box like all the other boxers do, but I'm usually a little more protective of him and just make sure that he doesn't get overly active in his play.  He does like to run, spin, and jump over stone walls, he thinks nothing of climbing stairs, and like his friend Mara, has earned his way out of the crate at night and currently occupies a dog bed in the bedroom at night.

Freedom has not had any accidents in the house, and is still eating like a champ, at this time he will be finished with his antibiotics in 3 days, and what a difference we have seen in his skin and coat. 

Freedom is very outgoing and is doing well on the leash, but since again, he's not had any type of training, he's a work in progress, but really loves the one on one attention when we do go out and do a little leash training. 

Freedom loves to play and cuddle with the other dogs, and most of the time seeks out the dog bed in front of the fire, and he doesn't care who or how may dogs are on the bed.  Usually it's 4  dogs including him, then again, I've seen him choose a dog bed all to himself.  He's just an easy guy that way.


12/4/2019 My friend Freedom, has had his 2nd follow up with my vet, and although he is healing, he is now on a 2nd round of antibiotics because his skin infection was very bad, however, he is far better than when he arrived to SCBR.  He has also gained 4 lbs. in 3 weeks and although his demodex mange has greatly improved, he will remain on 2 doses a month of Nexgard, at least thru December, he will also be on 3 baths a week with medicated shampoo to help his very itchy and inflamed skin.

But with his body going thru all of this, Freedom is the most loving, outgoing dog, that absolutely amazes me.  He loves hugs, kisses, and food, which makes it very easy giving him his medications, I just put it in his food and he gobbles it right up. He does need to be lifted into the bathtub, but stands nice and quiet while I lather him all up, then we do an overall body massage while waiting the 10 minutes required by the medicated shampoo, and Freedom just loves the attention. 

This is one very special being, who seems, regardless of his previous life that we can only guess at, when he sees you, or you talk to him his whole face lights up and he does a boxer wiggle butt that puts the rest of the boxers I've known to shame.  He's just so happy, playful and just loving life.  Three legs does not slow him down, and he can run thru the snow, jump over the stone wall instead of taking the dirt ramp around it, he climbs stairs without hesitation, and Freedom will melt your heart, as he has mine.

So even though Freedom will need to stay in foster care a little longer, this boy is WORTH WAITING FOR, he is simply awesome.

11/27/19-I just can't say enough about this super awesome boy.  Yesterday he had his wound drain and staples removed, and he was a complete gentleman about the whole process, and thankfully he has gained 2 lbs. in just the last week alone.  So this happy boy got a good scrubbing bath when he returned home, the next few baths are with a prescription shampoo to help him heal from his 2ndary skin infection, but he is so good about being lifted into the tub and getting scrubbed from head to toe, he just stands there appreciating the overall body massage he gets at the same time. 

Right now, he is on antibiotics still and will be for the next week, but put them in his food and he just gobbles them right up. 

This is such an awesome dog, that if I could put him in my pocket, I'd take him every where with me. Oh if only I could.

Again, Freedom would do best in a home with another dog, one who will not over power him, but will be a great companion to him.  He is outgoing, loves people and other dogs, and although he only has 3 legs, this boy is not handicapped by it.  He does normal stairs, jumps in and out of the car, runs with the other dogs and initiates  play with humans and other dogs.

There is just something very special about this dog, and I don't mean because he is missing a leg.  It's something in his heart and in his eyes.  He really deserves someone who is as special as he is.


11/21/19 Where to start in telling you all about this brave, stoic, loving boxer boy, who has faced more challenges than we can even imagine. 
On 11.11 he had his front leg surgically removed as it was badly healed from an old injury that was not given proper treatment. What we do know for sure is it had been in that state for several years. 
Freedom to has demodex mange as well as a secondary skin infection and this again is not contagious, but like his fellow foster is on a strong antibiotic and nexguard to heal. This will heal, however Freedom will need a little longer in foster care as a result of a slight complication following his surgical procedure and is now sporting a drain in his shoulder, which considering how good he is, should be removed in another week. 
Freedom loves his food to, and as a result, his meds are gobbled up without a second thought. Which makes foster mom thrilled, since at this point he really needs to gain about 10 lbs at least. 
Now as far as nursing care, wow, there is nothing I can't do with him in that area. He doesn't lick or bother it so he doesn't wear a cone of shame, but his skin is so itchy that he has to wear a tee shirt to protect the area when he scratches (poor baby). But I have to say he's an absolute doll about getting dressed up like a Ken doll. 
So check back soon as this is a very special boy who is loving this 2nd chance he now has. 

11/16/19 Freedom arrived yesterday from one of our favorite shelters, and does need to destress at this time, however, he was an absolute doll for his first spa treatment. (yes he had a bath upon arrival).  He let me pick him up, shower him all over and had a bath with eucalyptus/mint goat soap. And loved his great smell afterwards. What an awesome boy....with that said, as we get to know him better and he heals from his right front leg amputation, many more updates will follow.He is one very special boy.