State: CT
Age: about 6 months
DOB: Unknown
Weight: 38 lbs
Sex: Male
Neutered/UP to date: Yes/yes
Color: white
Docked tail: Yes
Cropped ears: No
Children under 4: Unknown , no history
Children over 4: Yes
Separation anxiety: No
Other dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
House trained: Work in progress
Leash trained: Work in progress
Obedience trained: Work in progress
Adoption fee: $550

**Because I am deaf I need a home with another dog, fenced in yard and someone home more(ex: at home parent, retired, work at home)**

10/22/19 It seems our little Frost man has a totally awesome, sweet temperament and attitude. He's gradually learning some simple signs, come, good boy, potty outside and off course No. And all this in just 2 weeks, he's impressed me with his ability to want to figure out what my hands are saying. 
He is a great puppy, even during our vet visit for a wellness check and because we have had some episodes of hives. I have reason to believe that he had a reaction to a bee sting. So as a result of several days of recurring hives, we are trying a new medication Triamcinolone for 10 days gradually tapering off. It's a small pill and he licks it right off my finger in Peanut butter, with out fail, and not once has he been anything but gentle in doing so. While at the vets office he had the opportunity to meet 2 little girls 4 and 5, and he was great with them petting him and getting hugs from them. He was happy meeting all the people, and he just wanted to get in everyone's lap for more loving. He did meet a cat, but was far more interested in the cat carrier than the cat inside. 
So keep checking back to learn more about Frost. He's going to make a great family member for a special family. 

10/13/19-Frost arrived in rescue last Sunday as he was a stray to a great shelter we work with.  He is DEAF but a sweetheart to work with.  He's just beginning to learn signs, as it was very obvious that he knows nothing at all about them, but seems very interested in learning. 
Frost will need a home with another dog or dogs as well as a fenced yard and because he is young will need someone home more often.
Please check back as we get to know this boy more.