State: CT
Age: 6 yrs.
DOB: Unknown 
Weight: 50 lbs 
Sex: Female 
Neutered/UTD: Yes/Yes
Coat Color: Fawn
Docked Tail: Natural corkscrew 
Cropped Ears: Natural 
Children under 4: No (No History)
Children over 4: Yes 
Seperation Anxiety: No
Other Dogs: Yes
CATS: No (No History)
Crate Trained: Yes 
House Trained: Work in progress 
Obedience Trained: No 
Leash Trained: No 

11/21/20  There have been so many new things Ginger is experiencing this week and she is such a happy go lucky girl, who just loves running around the yard and actually playing with the dogs....yes playing. She pounces at them, play bows and charges them, which ends in a race around the yard as fast as her stubby little legs will carry her. It is however important to remember that Ginger is not used to this much room to run or running around so she is also building stamina. But every day,  playing lasts longer, and running is faster and stronger, and this will also help the slight weight reduction she could use. 
We have done some very short walks,  and because she is so happy in wanting to be with me, she paddle foots along happily,  huffing and puffing and building stamina. She's far from running a marathon, but she loves seeing new things and is very happy to meet new people. She's a happy outgoing sweet girl who is looking forward to her new life and her new family....and yes she does snore. 

11/16/20  Sweet Ginger came into rescue a few days ago after spending the first 6 years of her life as a puppy mill mama.  When she was no longer able to produce money making puppies she was released into freedom, and will now become someone's well loved pet and become a member of a loving family. 
GINGER is a happy girl who is loving the freedom of a safe fenced yard, and has adapted to the deck stairs with out a single problem, actually she seems pretty proud of herself when she comes in from her potty run, as am I. During the nicest time of the day right now I'm able to leave the door open and the dogs have the freedom to come in and out at will, and Ginger is taking full advantage of this freedom. 
The pictures of Ginger really don't do her justice, as she is a pretty coffee latte color, so please check back soon and read all we learn about this happy girl.