State:   NH
Age:  7 years old
DOB: unknown
Weight:  62#
Sex:  Female
Color:  White
Neut/upd:  Spayed/unk
Docked Tail:  Yes
Cropped Ears:  No
Children over 4:  Yes
Children under 4:  Yes
Other Dogs: yes
Cats:  yes
Separation Anxiety: None
Leash trained: unknown
crate trained:  not needed
house trained:  yes
obedience trained: some
microchipped: unknown
Adoption Fee $375

12/17/17-I just wanted to give you a quick pupdate on Gixie! She has been doing super well! She prefers a room opposed to a crate but she will go in a crate with a little bribing. She hasn’t met a cat or a dog that she hasn’t liked. She’s a little stubborn about going out in the cold, but if you tell her to go, she’ll eventually go. I can’t tell if she’s partially deaf or just has selective hearing.. but she listens when she hears you! Lol. She’s a nice old gal!

12/11/17- Sadly Gixie has been surrendered back to rescue today after almost 2 years in her home.  Her owner had some financial issues and had to move in with family.  The family lives where no dogs are allowed so he had to give her up even though he loved her so much.  He said Gixie loves to carry a rubber ball around, but no tennis balls allowed as they wear her teeth down. He also said she needs to be given treats with an open hand as she will chomp for them and fingers become yummy treats too!  She does currently have a unknown skin issue that the owner had been working with his vet to get taken care of.  She will be going to our vet in probably another week or so for follow up to make sure it gets cleared up. His owner loved Gixie dearly and said he never would have done this if he didn't absolutely have to. More updates from her foster home soon.


3/20/16- Gixie was adopted!


 3/10/16-Gixie is such a happy girl! She loves her toys out in the yard and inside too.
 I don't crate her. She is not one to be "boxed in"and Gixie has earned her
freedom and then some. I have no issue with leaving her unrestrained in the house. She seems to sleep most of the time and nothing is ever touched.We went to the vet where she encountered another dog and 2 cats in the waiting room and she had no reaction at all.She had all of her blood work done. She did test positive for Lyme, but has no symptoms and may never show any symptoms. We put her on a round of antibiotics as a precautionary measure. She is overprotective when I am in the car with her. We have just starting working on that behavior and she is very receptive to our instructions. She is fine when she is in the car alone. I take her out to do errands and she is well behaved when I run into the stores.She has the biggest brown eyes! You will love her.
2/28/2016 Gixie arrived into rescue today due to illness of her owner. She is quite laid back for the most part and loves to play with her toys. She has a vet appointment this week to get up to date and I will have more info on her then.