Name:  Gretel

State: CT

Age: 8 years

DOB: 06/06/2009

Weight: 64#

Sex: Female
Neutered/UTD: Yes, yes
Coat color: fawn
Docked tail: yes
Cropped ears: no
Children under 4: No
Children over 4: yes, kids over 8
Separation anxiety: no
Other dogs: yes if not dominant
Cats: yes
Crate trained: yes
House trained: Mostly
Obedience trained: will sit for treat
Leash trained: Severe puller 
Microchipped: yes

Adoption Fee: $100

5/9/18-Great news, Greta is now 64.5 lbs!!!  That’s over 12 lbs lost in the 2 1/2 months she’s been at her foster home. I’m so proud of her.  Also, the vet said that she has boxer alopecia and a burn injury (in one spot on her back).  Most likely the hair will never grow back but in some rare cases it does.  It definitely won’t grow back over the burn injury area. Just wanted to let everyone know the good news about her weight and let you know about her skin. Very often people think she has mange, but that never was the case. Greta is ready to go and looking for a great walking and diet partner to continue helping her get her summer body. Don’t pass up this sweet girl!

04/12/18:   Miss Greta is such a joy to have around. Greta told her foster mom that she prefers to be called Greta to the name Gretel which she was given at the shelter (this is mostly because foster mom wasn’t wearing her glasses when she read the shelter paperwork and accidentally miss read her name as Greta).  She is definitely showing her cute personality now that she is comfortable in our home. We have been exploring new experiences with the pups, as they seem uncertain to every day dog things like toys and games. Greta was able to enjoy her very first Easter egg hunt with her sister Bianca on Easter morning. She was a little confused at first, however, when she realized her favorite treat (frozen fruit) was in each of the eggs she found, she was very excited to participate! As Greta continues to trim down her figure and achieve her goal of being able to see her feet, she is beginning to move around more and has little spurts of energy. When she is outside and sees her skin brother walking home from work, she has started to do “kangaroo“ hops along with her usual piggy snorts and sneezes to greet him. Greta loves when you talk to her and definitely reacts with the best facial expressions. She lets you know that she is not done being petted by grabbing her person’s arm with her paw. Greta will be an excellent addition to a quiet adult home seeking the companionship of an adorable wiggle butt.

3/16/18-Here is some background info.  Regina, Liza, Bianca and Gretel came from a great shelter we work with that had got them along with several other boxers from a breeder that was terminally ill and had to give up all their dogs.  We don't know any details on their past home life other than they lived in a home with about 14 boxers.  

2/25/2018 Gretel is such a love. She gives gentle kisses and buries her head into her people.  She would be most happy in a low key home where her people let her sleep on their bed and cuddle her often.  Gretel ignores the cats, even when they lick her.  She uses stairs to get up on the tall beds and is happy to sleep at your feet.  Gretel isn’t fond of a chaotic household or rambunctious dogs or puppies.  She would prefer to be with either an older, equally chill dog or as an only.  Gretel is grossly overweight and desperately in need of gradual exercise in correlation to her weight loss as a result of decreased food consumption.  Gretel has an unknown past that has left her with large scarring on her back, but she is a beautiful girl.  Gretel will be extatic to find her forever home where she can be secure in knowing she has a permanent place to hang her leash.