STATE: Western NY
      AGE: 3 years 

DOB: 11/1/2015
WEIGHT: 66 lbs
SEX: Male
NEUT/UTD: Yes/yes
COAT COLOR: Fawn and white

 CHILDREN under 4: no 
CHILDREN OVER 4: teens and up
OTHER DOGS: yes with slow intros
CATS: no
LEASH TRAINED: somewhat 


12/13/18-Harley has not had anymore head tremors (that we have witnessed).  He is getting CBD oil daily so that could be helping.  We have an appointment for Monday night with the vet to get Harley’s base bloodwork as she suggested. 
We are also going to see how he does at Doggy daycare on Saturday.  He loves my older boxer and wants very badly to play and she does a bit but doesn't have the same energy level that he does and she can get a little annoyed with him sometimes.  He seems though to pick up the cues pretty well so I'm really hoping that it works out to help him socialize little bit more with other dogs.
After daycare and the vet I will send an update.

12/2/18-Harley has had 2 episodes of what I believe to be idopathic head tremors. The first time I didn't see he was with my boyfriend and when I walked in the excitement made it stop, and this time I gave him peanut butter and some CBD oil and it stopped.  I took a video of an episode and sent it to the vet.  The vet checked out the video and said we would need baseline blood work then see based on that.  She said to just continue CBD oil until we get him in and decide what we want to do.  Most people we have seen that have dealt with these have just used CBD oil.  More updates soon.
11/13/18 - Wanted to send an update on our handsome fellow Harley... He has turned into such an awesome snuggler!  When it's time for him to sleep if I'm sitting he wants to be snuggled up to my side!  He is such a sweet boy!  We are still working on commands to build trust and confidence.  We started working with clicker training and he now gives me his paw, lays down, sits very nicely, stays for a short time, and he knows here (come).  With lots of practice and positive reinforcement he will be a pro in no time. He needs some work with walking nicely, he just gets super excited when we first go out on our walks, and if he sees a person or a dog he will pull pretty good.  But he certainly loves his walks, he has nose to the ground following whatever sent he can find,  If you are looking for a dog that would love to spend lots of time playing, hiking, running around and being goofy and come home and have the best snuggle partner... look no further.  Since he does have some trust issues introductions should be slow, but once he knows you he will love you and give you lots of kisses.  He still gets pretty excited at times and just because he can be kind of rough when he plays and doesn't realize where those big strong paws are flying when he plays, I think older children (teenagers) would be best.  I think someone must have played a lot with him with their hands, he will chase your hands sometimes when he's being playful, but he has a very gentle mouth.  He is very well mannered at home, and has not had 1 accident in the house.  He doesn't counter surf (though I wouldn't tempt him too much) he lays nice in the crate when we leave for work and doesn't fuss much at all, but also behaves well left alone in a room.  He doesn't try to get into anything or chew on anything he isn't supposed to.  He usually just lays on his bed when we are not in a room watching him (he is always on camera so we can see what he's doing if we are not in the room with him).  He just needs some TLC, and someone that will have some patients to work with him.  I still have not had success with Harley meeting other dogs, he gets too excited and probably will need some desensitizing.  He should definitely be an only dog.  I'm so glad that we were blessed to be able to see this boy thrive when he feels safe and loved.

11/4/18-Harley is a very handsome, lovable and playful boy that came into rescue yesterday. We are still getting lots of kisses!  He was a forced owner surrender to a shelter due to a hoarding situation so unfortunately we don’t have any background information on him.  He was at the shelter for 3 months and since he didn’t completely pass the SAFER behavioral test they are required to do on all dogs he would have been put to sleep if our rescue didn’t take him now.  In none of the testing did he do anything bad, just he had some touch sensitivity. The shelter really wanted to see him have a chance as they thought he was great but had to follow their rules on test results.  
 Harley was loved by all volunteers on his transport and did really well in the car when we picked him up.  Even after all those rides he was willing to jump right in and settled pretty quickly in the back.  He can be a bit excitable and will jump up and use his paws when playing so older children would be best for him.  He has enjoyed his walks and does well on a leash, mostly.  He will pull if he finds something he really wants to get to, but not bad.  He does know some commands but they will need to be practiced he would definitely benefit from formal training.  He is good in the crate, he fusses for a couple minutea but calms down pretty quickly.  He was not very receptive to my female boxer when she came in to see him when he was in his crate.  We will try again maybe while we are walking, so introductions will be slow, not sure how this will progress.   While walking he seemed to  be very interested in fast moving objects and shelter said he was bad with cats, so cats are a no.   He loves his toys he loves to play!!  He would be a great running buddy for someone!  He brings toys to us and wants to play tug or wants us to throw them for him.  He’s very good at using his front paws to hold up toys in the air when he lays on his back.  He’s very silly and definitely a clown.  This is all new for both of us so I will update more as he is a bit more settled and comfortable.