State:  CT
Age:    8years
DOB:  unknown
Weight:  50 lbs.
Sex:  F
Spayed/UTD: Yes/Yes
Coat Color:  Fawn
Docked Tail:  Yes
Cropped Ears:  No
Children under 4:  No (no history)
Children over 4: Yes
Separation Anxiety:  No
Other Dogs:  Yes
Cats: No (no history)
Crate Trained:  yes
House Trained: yes
Leash Trained: yes
Obedience Trained:  unknown
Micro-chipped:  Yes
Adoption Fee:  $100

10/23/18 Hello everyone, Miss Jenny is still looking for her forever home, and she is a very sweet natured girl who still has a lot of love to give.  She has been very stable on her medication (Lysodren) and continues to be an active senior who gives tiny little kisses and appreciates having your company.  She also loves sleeping in front of the wood fireplace, yes she does love her warmth on those cool fall days.

7/28/18 Miss Jenny has continued to do really well on her medication Ly
sodren for her Cushing's disease. She is now on maintenance level, 1 pill once a week, given on Saturday mornings. I put the pill in a piece of deli chicken and she eats it right down, no difficulty, no hesitation at all. This medication is approximately 90.00 for 10 pills, which comes out to about 2 1/2 months worth of medication. She's worth every penny of it, as her temperament is awesome. She is no longer crated, has total freedom of the house when I'm gone as well as when I'm home.

Jenny does like to play with soft latex toys, the pig I get at Wal Mart is one of her favorites, total cost for the toy, 4.99, how great is that. Mostly she loves being outside in the yard, or hanging out with me and the dogs in the pool yard, and on the deck. She is the most undemanding foster I've had the pleasure to live with. She'd love to give you the same company and love she gives me.

4/27/18-Hi everyone, this sweet Jenny continues to be an absolute doll of a foster.  Even during her vet work up for Cushings disease she remained sweet and mellow and a complete love bug.  She is a sweetheart to all she meets, including the vet and everyone she has meet to date.  She is now more stable on her medication (LYSODREN) now given once a week, and her water intake has stabilized as well as her food intake.  It was disconcerting  for a while as she went from eating everything in site, to barely eating at all, to now eating pretty well 2 meals a day.

She began shedding (which they all do at this time of year), and she now has a normal boxer coat, and is what I call a blonde fawn.  So much of her skin has healed up and she is now sporting a healthy new coat, it's just awesome to see how good she looks.

Jenny loves to cuddle, get hugs and is now starting to play with my annoying Boston boy....she has a great deal of patience with him...more that I do sometimes.

If you are looking for a great companion that demands very little of you, if you want a great cuddle companion or a traveling companion, this is the girl for you.  She is worth every chance you give her.  She'll even smile for you when she see's you
3/21/18-Sorry it has been so long since an update, but there have been a few complications with this great girl.  She was miss diagnosed prior to coming into rescue as having Thyroid.....hmmm, well she really doesn't have a Thyroid problem, but she has been diagnosed with Cushings Disease.  This is a treatable condition, and she has started her treatment, but we are in the process of now regulating her medication doses, and that is the reason for this late update.

It was also noted that at some point in time this girl did have some type of neurological episode, again prior to coming into rescue, that has left her with some hearing loss and some loss of sight.  This does not stop her from running, or playing, but there is some disorientation when it is very dark out, such as stairs, if they are well lite she has no problem at all.

Jenny is very good with the other dogs, not dominant in any fashion, and likes nothing better than cuddling with me or sharing the dog bed with the other dogs in front of the fireplace....this being her favorite spot.

With regulating her new meds, I have seen changes in both her water intake as well as her food intake.  Both have slowed down, however I would like to get her eating a little better.  So far, I have found that this girl does not like Turkey in any shape or form.  I've always cooked up ground turkey rather than canned dog food, but she's having none of that. So we are working on finding what food she will actually eat.  Tuna is a favorite, and we are working on what dry food she will accept.  I do think that once we get her medication regulated, the food will follow suit.

She has an excellent temperament, super with other dogs, completely ignores the chickens next door and greets everyone with a wiggle butt and a smile.  She loves to ride in the car, and loves to go for walks, but would prefer short walks right now due to the cold.  She is probably the most undemanding dog I've worked with in a long time, she is a really sweet girl.

3/1/18-Jenny had been drinking a lot and we wanted to get her checked to see about her thyroid too.  After several tests and an ultrasound it was determined she doesn’t have thyroid condition (so those meds were stopped) but she has cushings disease.  Jenny is on Lysodren 500 mg 2 x daily and was given a 10 day supply then back to vet to reevaluate for a different long term drug.  She's had 1.5 doses so far and drinking a little less already.  More updates in a couple weeks after her next vet visit. 

2/11/2018 Jenny has proven to be absolutely awesome with other dogs. She's a very quiet, laid back girl, who is very friendly and yet waits her turn for attention around the other dogs.
Just before entering rescue, Jenny was diagnosed with Thyroid, and had a lot of skin eruptions as a result of length of time in being diagnosed. As a result, she had quite a bit of scabbing all over her body. This is healing nicely and she already has new hair growth. She has also had bladder leakage and was put on Pronin, which is working, however right now she is drinking a great deal of water and as a result needs to be let out often or there will be accidents.
We do have a vet appointment this coming week, where we will retest her Thyroid, and have a fecal test, and an overall wellness check.
She is an awesome companion and would do especially well with another quieter dog or dogs, and with someone who is home more often to let her outside for potty time. She is a very sweet girl, who would make a great addition to someones life

1/21/2018 Miss Jenny came into rescue today as an owner surrender. She travels well and is currently getting to
know the resident dogs thru the gates. She didn't eat much tonight, but that will change when she gets
more comfortable with her new surroundings. She is a very good girl. Look forward to working with her and
getting to know her. Will send another update soon.