State: Me
Age: 1 year
D.O.B. : 1/20/17
Weight: About 80lbs
Sex: Male
Neut/UTD: yes/yes
Coat Color: brindle
Docked Tail: yes
Docked ears: no
Children under 4: no (too rough) 
Children over 4:  age 7 and up
Separation anxiety: unsure 
Other dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Crate trained: no
House trained: unsure
Obedience trained: no
Leash trained: no
         Fee $375

1/24/2018 Joe has been here for a couple days and we have been working hard on learning the basics- he is catching on to sit and come. I have been using a water bottle when he is trying to hump me or Darby and that does seem to be working though Darby thinks I'm getting after her too. He does not do well in a kennel, he becomes extremely stressed and damages the kennel so he sleeps with me and Darby. He is very skittish still around men and loud sudden noises so Randy and I are also trying to address that with positive reinforcements. He is also doing less pulling on the leash as we are using a harness and it has made a lot of difference.

1/21/2018 Joe arrived yesterday and though he is sweet he is huge, he's probably around 80lbs. He has been extremely stressed and has no training on commands or manners. He's continuously trying to hump my smaller boxer but he doesn't pay much mind to my cats. He broke the wire caged kennel last night and did some damage to the frame of the bedroom door so he ended up sleeping with Randy last night once he was able to calm down a bit. I feel bad traumatizing him today but we will have to rig up the kennel somehow as no one is going to be home for about 8hrs today. Hopefully things settle down in the next couple of days as he is a sweetheart, just confused and scared :(.