State: CT
Age: 7 yrs 
DOB: Unknown 
Sex: Male 
Neut/UTD: Yes 
Weight: 55 lbs. 
Color: Brindle 
Docked tail: short dock 
Cropped ears: Natural soft ears
Children under 4: No 
Children over 4: Yes 
Separation anxiety: No 
Other dogs: Yes 
Cats: Unknown 
Crate trained: Yes 
House trained: Yes 
Obedience trained: No 
Leash trained: No but is fairly good on leash. 
Microchipped: Yes 
Adoption fee: 450.00
5/11/20-It is with a heavy heart we write this update. Jordan has moved on to the Rainbow Bridge.  Unfortunately he had some major medical issues going on secondary to bloat and had to be euthanized. Everyone at SCBR is heartbroken. His foster mom is in our thoughts. This the the part of rescue you never get “use” to, our hope is always to get a dog healthy, ready for adoption and see them thrive in their adoptive homes. It is extremely heartbreaking when we are unable to achieve our ultimate goal.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with Jordan’s vet expenses. We are still in desperate need of donations, Jordan’s care has drained our account.

5/10/20-Meet Jordan a 7 year old puppy mill dog who was brought to a vet for euthanasia. Jordan has an old untreated leg injury, the vet realized Jordan simply needed pain/anti-inflammatory meds and a Second Chance.

A whole village of dedicated rescuers and transporters worked to get Jordan into rescue. He arrived at his foster Thursday morning and unfortunately developed bloat Friday evening and was rushed to the ER vet. He was in shock by the time they made the 15 minute ride to the vet. After relieving some gas and becoming more stable he was prepped for surgery. Surgery went well, luckily for Jordan his foster mom was on top of things. He did have to have a procedure Saturday to alleviate more gas. Last report was he is alert and curious about what’s going on around him.

Jordan’s surgery and follow up care is estimated to cost upwards of $4,000. This is a huge expense for rescue but Jordan deserves to know what it is like to live in a house and be a loved family member. We know it’s a difficult time but we can only help dogs like Jordan because of your generous donations. Thank you for your support!

5/10/20  Jordan arrived and showed himself to be a friendly, relaxed boy.  He roamed the yard with curiosity but was relaxed and just strolled the yard sniffing all the new smells. A few hours later after seeing each other thru baby gates, he proved to be respectful and unconcerned about mingling with them and sharing space. He's such a good boy. So please check back in and learn more as we get to know him better.