STATE: Maine

AGE: 3 1/2 years

DOB: 11/23/16
WEIGHT: 47 lbs
SEX: Female
NEUT/UTD: Yes/soon

CHILDREN under 4: No (no history)
OTHER DOGS: Best as only dog


7/24/20 We are truly enjoying our time with Josie!  She has become very affectionate with all of us and is very comfortable with my boys (age 13 and 17). Yesterday, I had people stop by the house and she was very affectionate right away.  She had barked at the car in the driveway which can sound scary but she was not aggressive…she was very happy to greet the people getting out of the car.  She quickly wiggled her way to jump up and lay on their lap.  She will respond quickly to stay down when we ask her for more polite manners.  

Josie and I went to the vet the other day.  She seemed pretty anxious with little whines and pacing in the car - it took her a long time to settle down and try to relax.  From our vet visit, she tested positive for Lyme & anasplasmosis (both caused by a bite from a tick) so she has to take the antibiotic doxycycline for 30 days. This medication made her stomach upset but I seem to have improved this with a little pumpkin in her food.  She really likes this.  

When Josie eats now, she eats quickly.  She knows what time it is and looks forward to mealtimes.  She eats in the morning and in the evening.  She does not growl or show aggression when I am near her food.  She is SUPER gentle when taking treats.  

Last night Josie and I took a walk on the road.  She enjoys this and it is easy to walk her. She sniffs around and checks stuff out but does not pull.  She didn't seem bothered by any of the cars.  She has no sense of the danger near roads.  We saw a few people on our walk and she hid behind me when I spoke to them.  We got caught in the rain and we were soaked when we got home.  She wasn't bothered by this.  

I am learning Josie's communication when she needs to go outside to go to the bathroom.  She tends to whine a bit and pace.  Most of the time, this means she needs to go out... sometime, I think she just wants to go out to sniff around.  She seems to enjoy hanging out when we are outside and follows us around. Josie is ready to go home! 


7/20/20 Josie has been getting very comfortable.  She is very social and seeks attention from all of us now.  She is in an easy routine of eating and going to the bathroom.   Josie enjoys going for rides in the car. She cannot be left in the car, even for a minute, or she will try to rip up things she can find.  This is consistent with how she behaves if left alone at home.  She needs to be in her crate when she is left home alone.  I do not believe she would need to be in her crate during the night as long as she is close by.  She, actually, loves to sleep on the bed and cuddle.  Josie also loves to cuddle on the couch.  I do not let her lay on the couch but she tries to sneak up once in a while.  

Josie is practicing her commands of sit, down, stay, and come.  Her motivation is small cheese bits.  I have not found that she likes many other treats.   She does not play with balls or chew on dog chewies at this time.   

I have given Josie a second flea bath to make sure she is free of fleas.  She scratches a little bit so I will continue to wash bedding and keep everything clean.  

We are headed back to the vet tomorrow for a heartworm/Lyme test.  I hope to take her for a long walk tomorrow.   

7/17/20-Josie is feeling fine after her surgery and her energy is starting to show.  She is very playful and wants to run!!  I have not taken her on long walks because of surgery but I think she needs it. 

Josie loves to hang out outside and sniff around the yard.  She has not chased squirrels when she sees them which is good because she doesn’t pull hard or jerk on the leash. 

I discovered that Josie is pretty vocal.  She whines at me when we are in the house- I try to figure out what she needs (bathroom, water, outside, ect) but I don’t always know why.  When outside, she sometimes barks at me when she is running around or grabbing at my rake.  I got her to stop barking by disengaging and focusing on something else. 

Feeding and potty continue to be fine.  No accidents

7/15/20-Josie is an amazing dog!  She is getting more comfortable and her loving, cuddly personality is starting to show.  She wants to be very close to me and follows me around most of the time.  She is also starting to get more comfortable with my kids and my husband.  Originally, she seemed more scared of men but that is fading a bit.  It takes her time to make a connection but once she learns who will give her lots of loving, she is all in!   Josie is a very good listener and is responding pretty well to come, sit, shake, high five, down and stay.  She responds to a gentle "no" when she tries to jump on the furniture or get too close to people eating.    

Yesterday we had strong thunderstorms and she did not seem to be bothered by them.  This was a bit of a surprise because she is very scared of loud noises such as opening the garage door, dropping something or any noise behind her.  When she is scared she seeks me out to stay safe.   

Today, Josie met a few new people.  She was very hesitant and stayed close by my side.  She low growled at a man.  She responded quickly to my gentle correction and reassurance of being safe.  The person allowed her to approach him and eventually she relaxed.  

Josie shows that she is potty trained.  She has not had any accidents.  
She sleeps in her crate at night but I think she would love to sleep in my bed!
7/13/20- Today Josie traveled to the veterinarian to be spayed.  She did a great job meeting the staff.  After her surgery, she slept most of the way home.  My goal tonight will be to get her to drink some water and to eat something.  She will have some medication to take over the next few days to help with her discomfort.  As I write this, she is looking at me because she wants to go outside- she likes to go outside a lot to sniff around.  


7/12/20-Josie has been here for one day.  It took some time for her to seek some affection from us but now she sticks pretty close to me. She loves to go outside and does fantastic on a leash.  I take her out a lot.  She has done well going to the bathroom.   Josie is crate trained and seems very comfortable there.  She whines some when she is in there but settles down.   She sleeps here at night and when I am not with her.  


I haven’t discovered much that she is interested in yet... this might take some time after she becomes less anxious.  


She is quite nervous right now with all the changes. She shies away from people talking directly at her and when you reach to pet her.  She prefers to approach me when I am sitting on the floor.... I don’t look so big! 


She has not eaten today and only drank water when she wanted to play with the hose.  I discovered she likes the water out of the hose when I gave her a flea bath.  There were a lot of fleas and she was scratching and trying to get at them as they crawled on her.  She seems better today and I do not see fleas today.  

7/11/20-Josie is an owner surrender that came into rescue today as she had started fighting with the female dogs in the house. She lived with and was great with an 11 year old child. Josie will need to be in a home with no cats or dogs. Here is what her owner said about her:  “She’s a love bug. She loves to be picked up like a child. tap your chest and she will jump into your arms. She quirky and funny. Loves to play, LOVES to talk, Loves belly rubs and her butt scratched. Goes outside without a leash and never leaves the yard. has good manners. Knows no, sit, lay down, high five, paw, easy, come and go potty.” Updates soon from foster home.