State: NY
Age: 1 1/2-2 years
DOB: Unknown
Weight: 56#
Sex: female
Neut/UPD:  yes/yes
Coat Color:  white
Docked Tail: No
Cropped Ears: No
Children under 4: yes
Children over 4: Yes
Separation Anxiety:No
Other Dogs: yes
Cats: Best : yes
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Leash Trained; yes
Obedience Trained: No
Adoption Fee: $375

10/9- Kharma is doing amazingly well! She is really coming into her own. We reinforced the yard so she has 1.2 acres to run. I honestly had no idea how fast she could run until she really let loose yesterday.
> She loves our young daughters! They play together from the moment they get up until the time they go to sleep. Kharma even crawls into her crate during their nap time.
> We are looking into starting her obedience training. We'll look to get help getting her to sit when we open doors. She is an amazing dog and we are very grateful to the long line of volunteers who helped bring her to us!

9/12/2017 Karma has been doing really well at my home. She knows her routine and is fully cage trained. In the morning I open up her cage she waits for me to put her leash on and take her out side. She then goes right back in her cage so she can get her morning chow. She then plays with my dog for about an hour before I go to work. She then knows its potty time and then in the cage. She is a very cautious dog around the kids. She and my dog have learned to play but, careful around the young ones. They girls are 4, 3 and 1 years old. She will not take the girls food if they walk around with something. She loves to play with the soccer ball outside and chew toys. She is now even willing to share her cage with my dog. She knows how to sit, and shake for her snack. She does not get into the garbage at all and mine it out in the open. She is a big loving dog. She gives the girls kisses and likes to snuggle with them. We still are working on the back up from the door. She likes to try and get out sometimes but, is doing real well to the command back up. I hope to get this down by the end of the month. She is getting better with her food dish and i can even feed her a snack next to my dog. I still feed them both in their cages just so there is no problems. She will be a great dog. Oh yeah almost for got she does not pull anymore on the leash. She has that down like a professional now. She also loves rides and walks down our canal bank. She is just a little curious of the squirrels though.  
Karma came back to my house after my vacation like she never left. She came right in and greeted everyone with a wagging tail. She loves to play with her toys and my dog. He is still only a 7 month old neutered  male pup but, she seems to get along well with him. So we know she does get along with male dogs.  They play together and even share toys together. My grand girls are here visiting and Karma is just a love bug. In the pictures a little blurry, Karma kept moving around. I will get better ones and post them too. she was licking them and the girls were just laughing away. She has been great with them. My grand girls have been here a week and no issues with Karma with them. The girls play around her and they can take a toy from her and no problems here. She loves walking and exploring outside. We got the leash walking down with hardly no pulling. She is going to make a beautiful addition to someone's family.

7/16/2017  So i have had Karma here since Friday. She is doing really well. She is playing well with my male dog. I introduced them fully today before that they just were licking and playing through the cage. Karma still has the leash on during this though just in case some ruff housing gets out of hand. I had no problem with them at all today. If they got a little rough I raised my voice a little with the command "enough" both dogs lay down and took a break. She is letting my dog drink out of the same water bowl at the same time. All food bowls are put up just in case and I always feed the fosters in the cage anyways. She is letting him eat her food that she spills out side of the cage while she is in the cage with no aggression. She is ignoring my cats. The first day she kind of wanted to chase them normal when they are running by but, I raised my voice a little (firm voice) and told her to leave them and now she walks right by them like they are not even here. The leash is a work in progress she is doing well. If she pulls, I pull back and stop. She then comes next to me and I praise her and tell her "nice walk" and she will start walking with no pulling. We do this about 4 or 5 times she is getting very good at not pulling so much. She sits at the door before it opens up to let her out and the cage is getting much easier to get her into it with no problems. She is a great dog very lovable and she follows my daughter around.. She just needs a little work and patience. She needs to know who is boss and she has been very good at my house.

 7/8/2017 Karma is a 1-1/2 to 2 year old spayed female in Central New York. She is extremely friendly, loves everyone but is very strong and at time gets excited so if there are small children she would have to be watched carefully. She is housebroken. We are working on some basic commands and she is very eager to please. She is not food motivated so her best reward is praise and loving, and she doesn't beg.
If she picks up a shoe or other item that isn't hers, tell her once and she doesn't touch it again. We left her alone out of her crate for five hours and she did not destroy or even touch one thing. She loves to chase a rubber ball, especially squeaky ones. The cloth toys she chews up within minutes so I stick with the plastic and rubber toys. She is very energetic and needs lots of exercise, but also likes occasional naps.
She is now 56 pounds and is eating two healthy meals a day. She goes willingly into her crate in the morning. She is learning to walk on a leash but still gets distracted at new sights and sounds and pulls.

7/1/2017 Karma is now 56 pounds and she is eating two healthy meals a day. She goes willingly into her crate. She is learning to walk on a leash but still gets distracted at new sights and sounds. She is learning basic commands and is very eager to please. Her motivation isn't food, just praise and scratch on her ears. She doesn't beg. She has no problems with cats. She will be a wonderful addition to a loving family. 

6/25/2017 I took Karma for a long walk around the block on a leash and she did really well. She only pulled half the time.Also, Friday I left her alone in the house out of the crate and she didn't touch anything that wasn't hers.
She's going to be a wonderful addition to someone's family.

6/16/17 – Karma has moved to another foster home where she can be an only pet.  More updates soon from her new foster home. 


6/12/17- Karma is improving every day, but I still believe she needs to be an only dog due to her issues around food and empty food dishes. she is full of love and energy! loves to play ball but isn't quite ready to give it back or drop it. she sure would love some special someone to run and play with. she likes meeting people, but seems to really enjoy children. however, because of her energy and excitement an older child would be best. her appetite is great and she also is learning a few commands which is helping in her training.


 6/5/17- We have determined due to her food issues with other animals
unfortunately Karma is going to need to be an only pet in her new
home.  She may get along with other animals when no food (or food
dishes) are involved, (there is no problem), but food or (dishes) are
definitely an issue with her.  She came in so starved as a stray to
the shelter we think she just had to fight for any food to stay alive
and that is very hard to overcome as we just don't know how long she
had to live like that.  She has no issue with people though and is
just a sweet girl!

6/4/17-Karma is doing well, eating well. was spayed on 6/1/17. has
stitches, so spent the night at vets. everything went well. she has to
return in 2 weeks to have stitches removed and a booster. we also
finally got a weight 52.9 lbs. she is still doing well with my cats.
she plays rough, so when they get mad they give her a cuff and walk
away! of course, she doesn't realize her own strength!  not doing well
with walking on a leash, but we are working on it. she is extremely
inquisitive so wants to run and look and inspect everything instead of
walking nice. however, she is learning.  all I can say is, I have had
boxers most of my life and she definitely fills the bill for who and
what they are. I am sure she will make a very special addition to
someone's family!

6/2/17-Karma and my Zoe still are not getting along, but I have
resolved the problem will help from a friend. She rescues also and has
had the same problem. Karma continues to be the sweetest girl. She
loves to play with her toys, but as yet, does not involve me. Maybe
that will come in time. However, she does entertain herself very well.
The toy in the picture is her favorite.  She is house trained. She
usually likes to go out after she eats and after she wakes up from
sleeping. We have had no accidents so far.

6/1/17-Karma went for her spay today, passed her initial exam with
flying colors and was loved by everyone. We had to take her in the
side door as she was thrilled with the other dogs, but otherwise she
was a complete lady!! Boxer kisses to all!!

She is settling in well, but still not getting along with my dog. I'm a
little confused as to why this is happening, as I was told by the
shelter she gets along well with other dogs. Perhaps it's a
personality issue with the 2 of them. I have never had this problem,
when fostering, before, so I was really sure what to do.  She is an
absolute love. A very typical 2 yr. old boxer with lots of love, vim
and vigor! She understands no, but needs work on the other basic
commands, such as sit and down. We are working on those.

5/30/17-Miss Karma arrived safe and sound and wild on Sat. May 27th.
She was very hyper but settled down quickly on the ride home. When we
came home we had a meet and greet with my dog and things went well!
they met on neutral ground. My grandson was also here and she loved
him!   She ate fairly well and had no problem being crated.
5/29/17-Karma is a very sweet 1-2 year old boxer girl that came in on
Saturday from a great shelter we work with.  She was found as a stray
and was a rack of bones when she came in.  For this reason she is
showing food issues around other dogs, but not with people.  Though
she did well playing with other dogs at the shelter, in her foster
home she is starting fights with the other dog in the house so would
be best as an only dog in her new home. She is a young dog and a very
typical boxer!!! Very playful and very strong!! Her foster Mom has
tried walking her but she does not do well right now and definitely
needs to work on that.  She is good in the crate, though she does not
like going in to it.  If you leave the door open she will go lay down
in there when she wants. She knows the No command, but that is about
it. She is a very loving dog and likes to cuddle. She passed the cat
test at the shelter, but in her foster home she just wants them to
play with her as she is just so full of energy. They smack her and she
backs off but says "let's play some more!".  She will do best with a
dog savvy cat and some work to get her to adjust more with them (spray
bottles, redirection, some time).  Because of her unknown history,
strength and lack of training right now, Karma would be best with a
little bit older kids, around 10 or up.  She would be a great jogging
partner or ball chaser to help burn off some of her energy and
obedience training will help too.  More updates soon from her foster