State: NH
Age: About 10 years
D.O.B. :  Unsure
Weight: about 40 lbs
Sex: Female
Neut/UTD: yes/yes
Coat Color: Fawn
Docked Tail: yes
Docked ears: no
Children under 4: unsure
Children over 4:  yes
Separation anxiety: no
Other dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Crate trained: learning
House trained: yes
Obedience trained: unsure
Leash trained: no
Adoption Fee $100

2/26/18 - Layla has been at her foster home for just over 3 weeks and is doing great and her foster Mom loves her!  Here is some more info from her on Layla: 

Layla really loves everyone she meets and is sweet as can be. I think she would even be great for apartment or condo living. She’s not overly crazy but loves to play (especially with her donut toy!) and she does love napping. She’s been sleeping in bed with me every night with no accidents. She is not much of a barker unless she wants something, which, if she’s by your side, she’s totally happy! She is house broken but has had some accidents in her crate during the day, but she’s not a huge fan of the crate. I have not tried leaving her loose when I am not home.  She went to the vet today to get updated on her shots.  The vet did find a loose gummy lump in her mouth that she said could probably be removed if new owner wants, but she thought she looked good! She has some itchy ears but didn’t see any gunk or anything in there. she has no major health issues just typical senior boxer stuff like a few bumps here and there, nothing at her age necessary to come off.  They all loved her at the vet office.  Layla is a very happy and agile girl with lots of spunk for her age!  She really is a perfect gal and is ready for her new home!

2/2/18-This sweetheart made it to her foster home on Sunday thanks to all her transport volunteers. Everyone said how great she was and what a little lady. Her foster home named her Layla and here is more info from her.

So far, Layla has settled in fabulously! She’s been great with all of the cats and dogs in the house and is very content to snuggle under the blankets! She’s working on loving her crate but is a very good girl in it. Treats help get her in! She is by far the most gentle treat taker I have met. Layla loves cuddling on the couch, especially if you have a blanket! She’s a very sweet, petite lap boxer! If you want a calm, yet happy girl, she’s the perfect fit. She loves doing a little wiggle butt dance when you come home and it’s beyond adorable! She is perfection in a boxer package.

1/20/18-This older boxer girl was a stray to a great shelter we work with and sadly no one claimed her.  She came in today to a temporary foster home until she could get to her foster home. Here is an update from them.

We’ve got this pretty little girl at home with us. Did leashed introduction walking her and Kasper apart from each other for a few blocks. She pulled on the leash but otherwise was better behaved than Kasper! They are both relaxing now. They’ve calmly checked each other out at the gate a few times, then they settle back down on their own beds. Hopefully we have better luck getting some weight on her than the shelter did, she’s only 38 pounds.