State: CT
Age: 10 months 
Weight: 45 lbs 
Sex: Female 
Neutered/UTD:  Yes/Yes 
Color coat: Brindle and white 
Tail docked: Yes 
Cropped Ears: No
Children under 4: Yes 
Children over 4: Yes
Seperation Anxiety: No
Other dogs: Yes (Needs another dog)
Cats: No (No History)
House Trained: Yes 
Crate Trained: Yes 
Obedience Trained: No 
Leash Trained: work in progress 

1/6/21 Miss Lilly has been doing awesome, loves the toys she got for Christmas as well as the toys my dogs received. She has also discovered the new chickens next door, she's fascinated by them but has made no attempt to get at them.  She'll walk back and forth by the fence, but runs away when they will occasionally run to the's the funniest thing to watch. 

Lilly has also improved with leash walks. As you can see in some of her pictures, she is wearing what is called a head halter or gentle leader, I myself prefer walking with a collar or harness, because some people mistake the head halter for a  muzzle and steer clear of us.... To be clear, there is NO reason this puppy would need a muzzle.   She loves people and dogs and is a typical happy healthy puppy. 

12/28/20 Our little Lilly had a great Christmas, she got some new toys which she spent the whole day playing with along with her dog friends. She loves sharing toys and playing tug o war with my Beabull, it's pretty funny to watch them. Lilly loves to play and tends to play hard for hours which is the reason she will do well in a home with another younger dog to play with.  She has yet to meet a dog she doesn't like.

As much as Lilly is fully grown, she's still very much a puppy with what I call "puppy brain ". Which basically means she has the short attention span of a puppy.  Impressively she knows sit, it's still a work in progress with stay, come is also a very impressive command, when called, even while playing, she comes running. Treat training really works well with her, definitely food motivated.

Although Lilly is crate trained, she does fuss a little when I leave for work, even though my own dogs are crated close by, but at night when we all go upstairs she settles quickly and is down for the night. When I say she fusses, it's vocal, she'll whine or chirp but makes no attempt to get out of her crate, she knows it's a safe place and happily goes in with a few cookies and loves the frozen peanut butter bone.

We will continue to keep you all updated, so check back soon. 


12/17/20 We have been having a lot of fun with puppy Lilly. Today we woke up to 10 inches of snow and she went about 4 feet out the door before she realized there was lots and lots of white stuff everywhere. She decided that a shovel wasn't needed and proceeded to charge down the stairs and race around the yard sometimes burrowing her nose under the snow all the time running at full speed before settling to take care of morning business. By the time I was finished shoving the deck and stairs she was ready for breakfast and she has a great appetite always being the first one done. 

Lilly is very much house trained and will whine or chirp (quiet little barks) at the door to go out, which thrills me as we have no accidents at all. She will also do this to go out and play as well...she is such a smart girl. She's learned that she can continue to play with her many toys her caring owners sent with her after she's tired her dog friends out. And she does love her toys. 

This girl is also a cuddle bug and will snuggle up next to you in the chair or sofa while watching TV, or just to take a nap to recharge her inner batteries. 

She sits beautifully to get cookies and is fairly gentle when she gets them. She'll also run to her crate when I say "kennel up" as she knows cookies and safe toys are waiting for her there.  I do crate Lilly at night when I go to bed and when I go to work , but my own dogs are crated next to her, so she always has company. She may be full grown, but she's still very much a puppy so leaving her unattended is not an option. 

So continue to check in to see how Lilly is doing. 

12/14/20  We welcomed LILLY into rescue yesterday, and what a sweet happy girl she is. LILLY was a well loved pet who's owners made the difficult decision to give her up because her energy level was more than they could handle. 

On arrival and a few minutes to explore my fenced yard, Lilly got the chance to meet my dogs. 9 yr old boxer boy, 5 yr old Boston Terrier boy and 2 yr old Beabull girl....well it was "let the games begin " from that moment on. She played for hours, ate a good dinner, followed by more playing. Giving us positive evidence this girl needs a home with other dogs who want to play, play and more play. 

So please check back soon as we get to know this little sweetheart more.