AGE: 4

DOB: 06/30/15
NEUT/UTD: not yet/yes
COAT COLOR: fawn/black/white

 CHILDREN under 4: not tested
CATS: yes
HOUSE TRAINED: making progress
LEASH TRAINED: no but does not pull





4/24/20 Mac update (AKA Mac-a-lishous, Mac Attack, Mr. MAC-Intosh, Happy Hippo)


Mac is continuing to progress in his foster home. While he is still fearful at times, he is learning every day. He trusts his people more and more every day. He even has started doing a jumpy happy dance when his foster mom comes home and at feeding time! This is so cute to watch! He has also warmed up to the 2 teenagers in the house and loves when they give him scratches behind the ears. 


Mac loves to watch the kitties in his foster home. He also will go up to them and give them the sweetest gentle kisses.


Him and his foster brother husky continue to play well and he gets a little nervous when his brother or a human is not close by. Mac still cries a little in his crate but does go in willingly for a treat. He settles down quick. Mac is gentle on a leash and has learned to respond to correction. One look in this big guys beautiful puppy dog eyes will melt your heart. Mac would love a gentle patient new family to show him all that life has to offer outside the puppy mill cages!


4/14/20  Another week with Mac here in his foster home and we just adore him! He has turned into a complete love bug.

Mac continues to grow his confidence and is becoming even more comfortable in his home setting. He is a great cuddler. His mushy face and soft fur make for a good cuddle session. He loves kisses and scratches under his super soft chin.

He is completely potty trained and knows the routines. He still cry's a little in his crate but settles eventually. 

He initiated play with his Husky foster brother for the first time yesterday and it was a joy to watch. As Mac comes more and more out of his shell, it seems he has more energy. He has started to show himself and he is the typical big goofy Boxer. Sometimes he reminds me of a big puppy. Mac is a good boy in the house and listens well. He is a real people pleaser! This boy is going to make someone a great best friend.


4/6/20  Mac has been in his foster home for a couple weeks now. He was neuter last week and is doing great with that. (Except that he hates his cone!)   Since getting neutered, Mac has mastered potty training! 
Mac does not like being left alone yet. He does settle down eventually. Mac is also getting more used to the crate.

He is still somewhat skittish to fast movement or loud noises but there is definitely improvement there and I am so proud of this boy! Imagine living most of your life without a family to love you, it takes time, so patience will pay off!

Most importantly, Mac is a loving, snuggly man who loves scratches. He is such a good boy.

     3/23/20 Meet Mac!

Mac is a 4 year old rescued puppy mill breeder who came in with his lady Debby. They are both now free from a life of breeding for profit.

Mac is a big boy at almost 70 lbs. He is such a big softy! When picked up from transport, he rolled on his back for belly rubs.

Mac loves attention but also seems scared. He will get scared when bending over him to pet him and crouch into the ground. He is also very afraid of loud noises. Even through all this, he still wants and seeks out love. He comes out of his shell every so often and starts to try to play with us humans. He is such a lovely mush face! He loves both the Male and female dog in the house and is nice to the kitties too! He would do well with a doggy friend to bring out his confidence. 

Mac is learning alot about home life. He walks funny on shiny wood floors because they are new to him. He took some time to figure out how to go through an open door and fumbled up and down stairs. 

Mac is doing ok with potty training but will do much better once we get him neutered.

I cant wait to get to know this big boy and cant wait for him to find his forever family that he deserves!