Mac has really settled in .he is everything that makes boxers such a love-able breed:-)

8/25/19-Mac has been with us for a week now and he has really settled in nicely. It took him a few days to destress and finally relax, but he is just the happiest, friendliest, loveable guy. He is the total boxer package- looks and personality! He has slowly been starting to play with our frenchie, but is unsure about the Bostons. Oliver the naughty has snapped at him a few times and Mac just takes it in stride. He has been eating and drinking with no issues and it doesn’t bother him if I pet him while he is eating or if one of our dogs comes near the food dish. He is very well mannered and we have yet to hear him bark. He sleeps at the bottom of the bed, mostly straight through the night. He has needed to go out during the night a couple times but comes straight back to bed and goes right back to sleep.  I think he would love to have a boxer friend and someone who can be home with him a lot- he loves to be with one of us at all times. He does fine in the crate once he is in but I really think would be fine left out. We haven’t needed to leave him much yet since my son and husband were home with him all week, which I think helped him make the adjustment from leaving his old life-That was for sure very tough on him. I can’t say enough good things about this guy. We are loving having him here with us. He is going to make his new family very happy!

8/24/19 What a difference a few days has made- Mac is so much more relaxed now. He is such a good boy! Someone is really going to luck out when they adopt him!

8/19/2019: Mac arrived in Buffalo last night. He definitely does not understand why he is here. Poor guy is very nervous but very handsome and just as sweet as can be. He has met our dogs and at first seemed a little interested in playing but for the most part he has been more interested in sticking with the humans here.He loves to give licks and thinks he is a lap dog. We took him for a walk last night and he stayed right by my son’s side the entire time. We tried having him sleep in our room last night but he couldn’t settle so he slept in the crate and was totally fine( once he got in -he wasn’t a fan of getting in) Our vet was able to see him today so he is all up to date with his shots. I am hoping once he gets more settled his personality will start to come out. He’s a really good boy so far!!