State: CT

Age: 3.5

Weight: 52 lbs.

Sex: Female

Color: Fawn

Neutered/Spayed: yes

UTD Shots: yes

Docked tail: yes

Cropped ears: no

Children over 4: yes

Children under 4: UNKNOWN/no history'

Other dogs: Yes

Cats: unknown

Separation anxiety: No

House trained: No

Leash trained: No

Obedience trained: No

Microchipped: No


12/14/2019 Well our little MISS Mara has been such a good girl, that she has actually earned her right to be out of the crate at night, and has joined all the dogs in the bedroom at night where she currently sleeps on the one of the dog beds.  She has been an absolute doll, and sleeps thru the night with no accidents and no interruption to my sleep.

Mara has been doing really well with house training, but it is important to remember that she is still a work in progress, and 99% of the time has no accidents. However, as great as she is, she will have accidents if when it's raining out, she does need me to go outside with her to make sure she does all of her business.

She is absolutely dog friendly, and still likes being a part of the pack, and she loves to play with the other dogs.  When they are done playing, Mara goes and gets toys out of the toy box to entertain herself, but will also try to engage one of the other dogs to play with her and the toy.  She is a very energetic girl, and does like to play.

She's very people friendly, but because we are still working on her manners, she would do best in a home with children over 10 yrs, as she can and does jump and plays feet first.  She isn't trying to harm anyone, but she's a young playful girl, and she would really benefit from formal training, as would her adopting family.

Mara's skin has healed greatly, and her own natural color of deep red is shining thru.  This girl is a gem.


12/4/2019  Well our Miss Mara has turned a big corner in her new life, her 2ndary skin infection is healing beautifully, and her demodex mange is barely noticeable.  She has a beautiful dark red coat (her own), and she is just one really beautiful girl.  She loves people, even at the vets, she just oozes enthusiasm for everyone she meets.  It's amazing to see this beautiful girl, who was so scared and so emotionaly shut down and underweight when she arrived, to watching her whole face light up when I let her out of her crate in the morning.  She is so full of energy that she just charges toward the outside door, spins around comes charging back for her good morning hugs, then joins the rest of the dogs outside for the morning ritual before breakfast. 

This week, she had a follow up appointment with my vet, who could not believe the difference in this girl, in just 3 short weeks.  She's gained 6 lbs, with a few more to go, but she is just one very happy girl and far healthier girl.

Mara has also discovered toys, and she is just thrilled with finding a new toy every couple of days.  Stuffed toys, squeaky toys, she throws them in the air, she trots around the house with a doggy smile, she will even share without a thought.  Mara definitely needs another dog or dogs in the home, as she is very playful and as she gets healthier, she plays harder and longer.  She loves running in the yard with the other dogs, and cuddling in front of the fire after he medicated baths. 

Leash walking is definitely a challenge, and will need work with a professional trainer in her new home, as I really don't think she is aware of her own strength.  But she is worth every effort.

11/27/19-Miss Mara is just a great guest here, and has been healing nicely from her 2ndary skin infection and her demodex mange (again not contagious).  Her coat is such a nice deep red color and is so much softer and certainly cleaner than upon arrival.

Now she is absolutely wonderful with dogs of all sizes, including recently a weekend visitor 5 month old mini long hair dachshund, she just wanted to play with him and visit with his owner.  She is very people friendly, but unfortunately we just have no history with younger children.  I do know she is very energetic when play is involved and will definitely need another dog in her new home, or multiple dogs that will play with her.  She is crate trained, but  it would be really nice for her if she didn't have to be crated except when her people are away from home, as she spent a lot of her early years crated on hard surfaces.

She is mostly house broken and only has had a few accidents in the house, once she got into the routine, she has been more than happy to comply with the house rules.

Mara loves attention, loves to cuddle and loves to eat.  Because she was so low in weight, and it only temporarily put her in this condition, she's now thriving and loves her food, even when meds are included, and has actually gained 4 lbs. in 2 weeks. 

Leash walking is also improving, and she wants so hard to please, that working in this area will improve with time.

So if you are looking for a companion for your dogs, and a girl who will give back and love any attention you shower on her, this is one very special girl who would like to grace your life.


11/21/19  Hi everyone, my name is Mara. I just wanted to let you all know how much better I'm feeling. My fur is actually starting to get a shine to it and my foster mom is giving me food I can't eat enough of. And being the good girl I am, even though I know she's sneaking my medicine in it, I still eat every last kibble and my medicine. Well foster mom wants to tell you more. 

My little foster girl has been here for 6 days now and what a sweet girl she is. She loves both dog and human contact, although she absorbs attention like a sponge, she oozes adoration with every pat, hug and kiss you shower on her. Mara is on the quieter side still, she has initiated play with my pesty Boston terrier which is really funny to watch. He's 19 lbs to her 43 lbs.
Mara is healing from Demodex mange and secondary skin infection, which is not contagious, but because she's so under weight and her immune system compromised this can and did happen to her. Despite all she has been through, and we can only guess what happened with her, she is one lovingly forgiving being. 
Miss Mara still needs a few more weeks to heal and gain weight, she's a great girl who wants a kind and loving home. 

11/16/19 Mara arrived yesterday from one of our favorite shelters, and she is a really great guest so far.  She does need to destress, but has a really sweet outgoing personality, and has the boxer wiggle butt better than any I've ever seen.

She's a beautiful Red Fawn coat, that really shines after getting a refreshing spa treatment on her arrival. 

So please stay tuned for more on lovely Miss Mara as we get to know her better.