4/29/18 Mylo is doing well in his foster home. He is being fostered by a trainer. He is doing great with sit/stay, down/stay, wait and leave it. He is working on socializing as it is apparent he wasn't exposed to much prior to coming into rescue. He is being fostered with a coonhound and a mastiff. Mylo loves both of them and is thriving living with/learning from two stable well behaved dogs. Mylo does bark at new people coming to his foster home. Newcomers are asked to ignore him, his foster siblings of course greet the visitor with enthusiasm. After watching the other dogs reaction Mylo very quickly comes around and is friendly with the visitor. Mylo definitely gets some confidence from the other dogs, for this reason he definitely needs a social/well rounded dog in his forever home. Sometimes dogs like Mylo learn as much from other dogs as they do people. Included are few new pictures of Mylo, as you can see he sleeps in some pretty silly positions. Lucky for Mylo his foster brother and sister are very tolerant of his need to be close/on top of them.

4/5/18-Mylo is back looking for a new home.  He was adopted to a family with 3 kids from 4-11 years old and he loved them and was great with them.  After 3 months there was an unfortunate incident when Mylo was asleep on the couch with the youngest child. She leaned over and grabbed his neck to hug him.  Mylo was startled awake and snapped and got her on the forehead, leaving 2 teeth marks that broke the skin.  They felt even though they loved him and he had no issues before with the kids that they didn’t want to take any chances and surrendered him back to us to find him another home. 

Mylo is now being fostered by the trainer/behaviorist they had been working with soon after adopting him. Mylo’s family took him everywhere and found he had issues with meeting some strangers that the trainer was working on with him. We really don’t think Mylo got out much in his original home and was more of a “homebody” so he is not as comfortable outside the house.  We have determined he definitely is not going to be your social butterfly type and would be better in a quieter home.  The best home for Mylo will be one with another confident dog, someone home more and no little kids.  The trainer says Mylo is a great dog and would adopt him in a second if she had room for another dog.  

3/1/18- Our family is completely in love with Mylo. We celebrated his 2nd Birthday with a special doggie cupcake. We are so happy we were matched with him.

12/30/17- Mylo was adopted!

12/26/17- Mylo is doing great! When Mylo came to us, he was very apprehensive about John and being around a guy… it took him a week to warm up to John…  (john was off for 3 days at Christmas so they got a chance to bond…).  He is now ready for his new home. 

12/18/17- We picked up Mylo yesterday.  He is 22 months old and full of spunk!  He is friendly and obedience trained as well as very bouncy outside.  He is super fast and really loves playing with Ollie's toys so far.  He is known for his separation anxiety, which I think I saw a little this morning when Daddy went to work.  He kept running to the door to see where he was and why he wasn't coming back in.  I got him busy playing with another toy and I think he forgot about it after a little while.  I am home most of the time and when I'm not, it's only an hour or two at a time....  so I'll try to get him use to the crate and work on getting him better when alone.  

12/17/17- Mylo is a handsome and very sweet 22 month old owner surrender that came into rescue today.  His owner worked two jobs and felt she was not home enough for him. He lived with and good with her parents’ 4 year old boxer and is said to be good with kids and cats. She said he doesn’t do well crated so she stopped crating him.  His foster home will try crate training him while she has him and see how he does. Updates soon from his foster home.