State: Maine
 Age: 8 years
 DOB :  unknown
 Weight:  69
 sex:  female
 color: classic fawn
 Neut/UTD: yes/yes
 Docked tail: yes
 cropped ears: yes
 children over 4: NO (NO HISTORY)
 children under 4: unsure
 other dogs: yes
 cats: yes
 separation anxiety: no
leash trained: some
 house trained:  yes
 Crate trained: YES
 obedience trained:  unknown
 adoption fee:  $100

03/13/2018 - Miss Benny has made herself right at home and knows all
routines, etc.  She doesn't mind going out in the snow to take care of
her needs, without being prompted, and then right back in, in a hurry.
She keeps an eye on me most of the time the same as my dogs do. No
person should be allowed to do anything without "Boxer Supervision". 
I'm sure that she will adapt and attach to whomever adopts her.  She is
such a sweet girl and loves to follow me about the yard and will
sometimes play with my dogs.

3/2/18-I got around to getting my truck serviced today and took my foster girl with me.  Miss Benny doesn't actually need a leash, but she had one to drag.  She was a hit with everyone she met and for a few minutes she rotated between 4 different people, all petting her and talking to her.  When I started to walk back to the waiting area, she was right on my heels!  She was a hit with everyone!

03/01/2018 - Miss Benny is a very sweet girl and pretty much an easy
keeper.  All she really cares about is her meals and keeping "you" in
her sight, and a comfortable bed.  She has no problem with the cats and
seems to enjoy their company.  She has been outside playing with one of
the boys, but if there are 2, she wants no part of their rough play. 
She is still on meds for Lyme, but that is no problem as I just toss her
pills into her kibble (I put a bit of warm water in as well) and she
scoff them down.  Good company!

02/17/2018 - What a huge difference in this girl.  With trimmed nails,
she can walk properly and in comfort.  After a desperately needed
shampoo, she smells great.  With 7 very bad teeth being removed, I'm
sure she must feel better and is now able to eat. I'm still soaking her
kibble a bit before giving it to her, but she is now willing to eat. 
The antibiotic for Lyme disease is also working for her mouth.  She is
becoming playful and has good energy.

The only time she is crated is when she eats so that the other dogs
don't steal her food.  She has the run of the house at all time, uses
the dog door, and is a pleasure to have around.  She sleeps on the couch
in the fr at night.  Not spoiled at all!

 02/09/2018 - Miss Benny arrived yesterday, a day late due to the snow
 storm.  She is an owner surrender as her owner was sick and could no longer care for her.  They said she loved and is good with people, kids, dogs and cats. She is a big girl and needs to lose some weight.  She has been out exploring and playing and getting exercised by my boxer boys, and she
> seems to enjoy the freedom of a fenced yard.  She still needs to learn
> the doggie door and I'm sure it won't take long.  She has an appointment
> to see the vet and get updated, evaluated, etc. on Monday.  Other than
> being overweight, she appears to be in pretty good health.