State:  CT
Age:    4 yrs old
DOB:   7/2/13
Weight:  60 lbs.
Sex:  M
Neut/UPD:  Yes/No
Coat Color:  Brindle/White
Docked Tail:  Yes
Cropped Ears:  No
Children under 4:  Yes
Children over 4:     Yes
Separation Anxiety:  No
Other Dogs:  Yes (Needs another dog)
Cats:  NO - allergic
Crate trained:  Yes
House trained:  Yes
Leash Trained:  Yes
Obedience Trained:  Some
Micro-chipped:  No
Adoption Fee:  $375.00

11/25/2017 My handsome boy Murphy has been with us for 3 weeks now, and is still doing well on his new allergy medication Apaquel.  I cannot get over the difference since he started this medication, along with the Nexgard 2 x a month, medicated baths to help his skin heal from all of his previous scratching.  He is just doing awesome.  A lot of the scabbing in his ears has gone away, leaving his ears a lot softer and more pliable, and he rarely scratches which is a remarkable difference in itself.

Currently he is on Nature's Variety Lamb limited ingredients "RAW", which can be purchased at PetSmart, this is approx $40.00 a bag. I also give him 1/8 of a cup of ground turkey 2 x daily, which I cook up for my own dogs every week, as I don't like giving canned food.  This way, there is nothing added, no salt or any other ingredients, just ground turkey cooked.  At this point in time, it is critical to keep him on this careful diet as well as this medication.  His body had been thru a lot due to his allergies and at this time, I would NOT deviate from this schedule as it is currently working and that is what is important for this dog. His Apaquel is approx. $123.00 for 30 day supply.  Prescription shampoo is approx. $18.00. 2 x a week.

Murphy continues to have a great relationship with my boxer boy, and my 2 Boston Terriers, and a friend recently visited with a small mix breed, and Murphy was unconcerned that another visitor was there.  He will sometimes sleep on the bed with us at night, but will also use a dog bed in front of the fireplace, or a dog bed in the bedroom.  He has complete and total run of the house as well as the fenced back yard, as he just has great manners and has proven he is well behaved and loves the other dogs.

So if you are interested in this handsome boy, please stay tuned, as he has another vet visit coming up Dec. 5th to be updated on his shots and to see how well he continues to do with the allergy medicat

11/23/17 – Here is a little more info on Murphy and his allergies. He lived with and was great with a boxer, jack russell terrier and 3 year old child.  His owners loved him but could not keep up with his expensive allergy needs. They also are not home as much due to work schedules and with a new baby also on the way felt Murphy would get even less time and deserved more.  Murphy is not your usual “allergy dog” and he will need a more expensive regimen to keep him healthy and itch free.  The allergies are also year round, not just seasonal.  He had allergy testing done a couple of years ago for environmental allergens and it was found he has very severe allergies to most things (all grasses, most weeds and trees, dust mites, food storage mites and even cats!).  He was not tested for food allergies, but his owner had determined with years of food trials that Murphy needs a very strict limited ingredient grain free food and he is very allergic to chicken, potatoes and sweet potatoes. Their vet recommended trying a raw diet or immunotherapy to help with his allergies, they had not tried either due to cost. In addition, even though Murphy is great with kids of all ages, due to his very strict diet he will be best living in a home with a little older kids that understand no sneaking him people food and less dropping of food that he may pick-up.  More updates from his foster mom soon.

11/11/17  Hi Everyone, today it has been a week since Murphy arrived into rescue, and he was a well loved dog by his owners, who after extensive testing for allergies, felt they were doing the best for Murphy to surrender him, with great hopes of finding him a forever home where he could have his allergies better treated.

As a result of his allergies, we have seen my vet who has had boxers his whole adult life, and since Murphy was struggling with the current seasonal allergies, we have started him on a brand new medication called APOQUEL. This is an oral allergy medication, that so far, has really impressed me with it's effectiveness.....and that is hard to do.

I can tell you that he is absolutely awesome with my boxer boy, and both my boston terriers, and with adults, children and visitors.  Like I said he was well loved by his owners and his behavior and temperament attest to the great job they did raising this boy.

So please stay tuned for more updates on this awesome dog. 

11/04/17 Murphy has arrived here at his new foster home. He has an awesome temperament and has blended in with the resident pack. I will do a more detailed update as we get to know him.