State. Central NY
Age. 1
DOB.  5/7/2016
Weight. 60
Sex. Male
Neutered. Yes
Coat color. Fawn
Docked tail. Yes
Cropped ears. No
Children under 4. No (no history)
Children over 4:  YES
Separation anxiety. No
Other dogs. YES (needs another dog)
Cats.  No (No History)
Crate trained. Yes 
House trained. Yes 
Leash trained.  No
Obedience trained. No
Adoption fee.  $375

6/14/17- I think Napoleon would be better with another dog. He has so
much energy and loves to play. Someone also taught him to fetch-- and
return! and drop! -- a ball, which he loves to do, and I've never seen
that before in any of my boxers. He would be great with a family with
bigger kids that would play with him too. He loves to cuddle with the
other dogs here and is a sweet boy.

6/4/17 Napoleon has settled in to the routines here and has become fast friends with our 5year old female. He loves to play with her, tugging on toys, chasing balls, and running around the back yard together. And when they're not playing together they're both curled up together on the same dog bed!

Napoleon is sweet, affectionate, and it's clear he wants to please.  He goes into the crate easily, knows where to do his business and enthusiastically comes when called. 

We'll miss this sweetie but we know he's going to make his forever family so happy!
Napoleon arrived a few days ago after a very long car trip. He is adjusting very well to his foster home, and is learning where he fits in with the resident boxers and humans. He loves to play with toys, especially balls that bounce irregularly.  So fun to watch! 

Napoleon also loves to snuggle, and for a one year old he's surprisingly content to just curl up by himself in a comfy spot. 

Napoleon needs to put on some weight. Other than that he's a healthy, happy, handsome sweetheart.  He's ready to make some family very happy!