Boxer Mix
State: ME
Age: 17 Months
DOB:  01/20/2019
Weight: 59lbs
Sex: F
Neutered/Spayed/UTD: Yes/Yes
Color Coat: Fawn
Docked Tail: No
Cropped Ears: No
Children under 4: No (too rough)
Children over 4: Teens and up
Separation Anxiety: No
Other dogs: No
Cats: No
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Obedience Trained: Mostly
Leash Trained: No
Micro chipped: No
Adoption Fee: 475:00

9/12/20-Unfortunately a very sad owner had to bring Nova back to her foster home today to find another home. He really loved her but it turns out Nova is still very jumpy when excited. When jumping she pulls on clothes/arms/hands and play bites while doing this. She doesn’t mean to, but this can hurt. Nova was probably never taught as a puppy that this is not acceptable play with people. She is never aggressive and doesn’t break the skin, but the young adult daughter became scared of Nova because of this overly rough playing. They were willing to work with Nova but couldn’t have the daughter afraid. Because of this, even though Nova loves kids from babies and up, she will need a home with teens or older. She will also will need someone willing to work on her jumping and rough play and to continue to give her lots of exercise.


Here are some updates/info from her last owner about her good things: “She a wonderful dog, loving and snuggly. She loves playing and running around. We have bought several toys and she has been playing with every single one of them. We have been working with her on the down command because she has a tendency to jump when excited but all other basic commands she has been great with. We did have to take her to the vet for ear infections and she has been treated. She’ll be perfect for a family but it won't be ours.”


9/4/20-Nova was adopted!


8/20/20-What a change a month can make.   She is more comfortable meeting people, such as being taken into the Vet clinic by their technician easily, no muzzle or drama.   She continues to enjoy toys and attention.


Nova has a strong hunting instinct and seems to be obsessed with our resident wild rabbit, fox and chipmunk.  Maybe rightfully so, as the rabbit is eating from our vegetable gardens.


We still need to work on leash training which is still our priority. She definitely needs a fenced-in yard or a long run until her hunting instinct can be controlled. 


Due to Covid-19, we have not been able to socialize her as we have with other dogs. Hopefully, this will not be an issue for very long.


She continues to be a loving dog, that loves affection and loves to cuddle. 

Again, she is such sweet dog, she will make a great addition to someones home. 

7/25/20-It's been a little bit over a week since the surgery and Nova has made an amazing turnaround.  She welcomes people with wagging tail and just loves attention.
She is happy and playing with toys as never before. Still needs work walking on her leash but walking side-by-side on a long lead she does great. She does know her commands of sit, come, stay, wait for food and shake paw.
She has triumphed over the traumas that she has experienced in the last few weeks.
She is ready for her forever home with loving patient parents who understand that she responds to kindness instead of stern demands.

7/16/20 - Nova's spay went well. Although it started a little scary, as she needed to be muzzled, it was  only fear that held her back.  When we picked her up, we were told that she did very well with everyone there.  It turns out that she was in heat, which may explain her behavior during the last few weeks.

Today she passed another milestone and was able to greet new people without fear.  The two new people were girls in their teens, she was totally happy, tail wagging.  

We still need to work on leash training and hope to do so in the next few days once she heals from surgery.  We feel optimistic that she will ultimately be a pleasure to walk on a leash.  She continues to impress us on how sweet of a dog she is.  She thrives on attention. 

7/1/20-Nova is settling in well and seems to be comfortable here.  She has improved on the leash the last couple of days, but is very strong and tends to pull when in a hunting mode. We are working with her using a gentle leader. 


One problem that has right now is that she is afraid of visitors.  She will actually get on the couch and tremble if someone comes in the house. We believe this may be because she has had a lot of changes in a short period of time  We are working on exposing her to people and her interacting with them.   We are taking her for rides to relieve anxiety. 


Besides boxer we think she is definitely part hound. Her hunting instinct is very strong, with nose to the ground and focused on the task.  Her neck is longer than most Boxers, as well as an excess of skin on the back of the neck.  She has other physical traits of a hound.  She is your typical goofy Boxer though. Nova is extremely sweet and affectionate.  She loves to cuddle and asks for belly rubs.


We recommend that she be placed in a home with a fenced yard, no other pets and with someone home more often. She will look for one of us if we are out of her view. With a little more work she will become a great dog.  

6/27/20-Today Nova had to move to a different foster home with no pets. We were told she was good with small dogs & cats in her owner’s home, but unfortunately she did not do well with either in her foster home. 

6/20/20-Sweet Nova arrived today, an owner surrender due to divorce who needed to find her forever home. She travels beautifully, and loves everyone she meets.  This is a young, energetic girl who would greatly benefit from some formal training, and she does need work on her leash manners....again, it's because she is young and needs to learn the way of the dog/human world.

She is good with children, and has grown up wIth kids from 1 to 21, but we have determined that she would do best in a home with no other animals. So please check back soon to see how well beautiful girl is doing in her foster home.