State: ME

Age: 5 years

DOB: unsure

Weight: about 75 lbs

Sex: Female

Neut/UTD: Yes/yes

Coat Color: Fawn and white

Docked tail: Yes

Cropped Ears: No

Children under 4: No

Children over 4: No

Seperation Anxiety: No

Other dogs: 

Cats: No

Crate trained: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Leash Trained: Yes

Obedience Trained: Some


6/9/19-Olive is doing great. She now wags her stub when she sees my other dogs. Due to my fractured foot I have not been able to work on introducing them beyond seeing each other from other side of fencing, but she sniffs and wags, no growling. She gets over excited with the cats, really can't be around them for their own protection due to her size. She has proven to be very smart, has figured out how to open gates and doors with her nose. She does well sleeping all night in her kennel and uses it without issues. She will make someone a very loving and loyal companion.

6/7/19-Olive is doing a little better now that she has settled in. She knows her commands well and is easily redirected from stuff she shouldn't be doing. She walks really well on the leash, foster mom fractured her foot and Olive was able to adjust her pace to foster mom's pace when on walks. She has started taking Zyrtec for allergies and it seems to be helping. Olive is very vocal when playing, she wants to rough house a lot but foster mom has figured out that rubbing her back and saying easy will calm her down nicely. Still would be a good idea not to have other animals as she has not accepted the cats or other dogs in my home. Also best with no children due to her past anxiety around them and she is quite large and likes to rough house if allowed.

6/3/19-Olive is an owner surrender as although she lived with kids (now ages 6-14)her whole life in the same home, she has never been comfortable with the loud noises and craziness around the house with them. She also just doesn’t like anyone being "in her face" and that is hard to control with children. They put her on Prozac about 8 months ago to try to help with her anxiety and though it’s taken some of the edge off they still didn’t feel they were the right Home for her. 

Olive arrived yesterday morning to her foster home & was extremely scared. I put Olive in her kennel in a dark room with blankies and toys. She seemed to settle a little bit. She does well on walks and loves to eat. The previous owner had said she wants to play when sees other dogs but initial introductions didn’t go well with my dogs. It might be because my dogs are younger and full of energy. Olive is very affectionate with me (female) and is warming up to my significant other (Male). She does appear to know her commands and does them with minimal prompting. More updates soon as she settles in.