State: New Jersey

Sex: Female

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Ears: Natural

Tail: Natural for Boston Terrier

UTD: Yes

Age: 3 yrs.

Color: Seal/brindle with White

Cats: Unknown

Other Dogs: Yes

House Broken: No but work in Progress

Crate trained: Yes but vocal

Leash Trained: NO

Obedience trained: NO

Micro Chipped: Yes

Adoption Fee: $450.00

3/30/2020 – As much as Pippin wanted to give you an update today, I told her it was my time.  Pippin is a highly energetic girl who is constantly playing and running with my 8 month old puppy.  She even has my 7 year old boxer joining in the chase.  She likes to get into the wood branches in my backyard and can be a little dominant at times. 

Every once and awhile, she does have an accident and is very upset when it happens, she needs coaxing from me to let her know its ok that accidents happen.  One thing I have to laugh about is that she doesn’t really like her picture taken.  I have to pick up the phone fast and shoot the picture otherwise she gets up and runs away. 

Pippin is a sweet girl and really needs a home where there is patience and love and will take the time to train her.  This mill momma wants loving and can give it but is still hesitant.  I was happy the other day, she finally took a cookie from my hand and I went to hug her and she went running away.  I, myself, have to realize that she needs to open up at her own time, baby steps for a sweet Boston baby. 


3/20/2020 – It’s been awhile since I last updated you on my progress so I thought with it being the first full day of Spring, I’d write and tell you what I’ve been up to! 

Foster mom has been taking me out and about and I’m starting to get the hang of it.  One time, she took me to her girlfriend’s house and I have to tell you, I was a little nervous with what she called a car ride.  When this car finally stopped, she took me out and I was greeted with so much love by these 2 strangers.  I was given a cookie to eat but I wouldn’t take it out of anyone’s hands, it needed to be placed on the floor and they needed to move away from it before I would eat it.  I’m still that way when foster mom gives me cookies. 

My next adventure was to take a 3 hour ride up to Connecticut, this time the car ride was a little better as my foster brothers came with me.  When we got to our destination, I was greeted by my previous foster mom and her boys and Trinket was also there.  We were all happy to see each other!

Up in Connecticut, foster mom brought me on another car ride but this time I also had company (foster brother and Trinket).  We went to a store that allowed dogs in it and my foster brother and I got to go in a cart and be driven around the store.  There were lots of people there who just wanted to meet us.  I was a little cautious but was told that it’s good for me.

Foster mom keeps telling me that my new family is out there and will one day come to pick me up.  I’m great with other dogs, I do need leash training but I’m good with my crate training.  I will need someone who understands that I want to love them but it will take me some time to do so.  

3/6/2020 I just wanted to tell you that my foster mom thinks I’m making great progress!  I’m really getting along with the other dogs here.  The other night, she picked me up and placed me on the bed with all of them and I stayed there all night.  It was so much fun to wake up with the dogs and her.  I am now allowed to sleep on the bed at night with all of them, no more crate for me (when it comes to sleeping)! 

In the beginning, I had a problem being held or picked up, I would either run away for scour down and shake.  I am really getting better because my foster mom feels the need to give me lots of loving so she's always picking me up.  When she sits on the couch, she makes sure I go with her. 

 I’m making progress with my potty training – most of the time my crate is dry and  well to be honest, I did have an accident the other day but it was a long time since I had one.  I love running in the back yard and playing and now am getting the idea that’s where I need to go to the bathroom.

I’m very polite when it comes to eating my food, I actually eat in the same room as my boxer foster brother.  We finish around the same time and check out each other’s dishes to see if anything was left.  We’re not aggressive towards each other when it comes to food and I’m told that is good.

My foster mom keeps telling me that out there, a home is waiting for me and I can’t wait.  I’m beginning to love this whole new world that is opening up to me.   

2/25/20 Miss Pippin has been with me a little over 2 weeks now, and she has been making a lot of progress in her potty training.  Most of the time, she will choose to go outside, however we still have accidents in the crate, and I am convinced that this is because she is stressed and that makes it a little harder to master. 


She is a very sweet and still nervous girl, but she will come to you to gets pets and always wants to know where I am.  She does still run if I make sudden movements, or make loud noises.  Unfortunately, being a mill mamma, she never was held and cuddled and loved, so this is a new experience for her, and she just needs a lot of patience and stability.  Several times a day, I will pick her up and cuddle, kiss and baby talk to her, but she definitely stiffens whenever I scoop her up.  This will also change with time. 


Pippin has also gained weight, which was much needed, and she does love to eat.  It will be a while with extra food, as she is a very active/on guard girl, but again, she has made so much progress in just 2 short weeks.  Like my own Boston boy who came from the same background, TIME/COMMITMENT/CONSISTANCY/LOVE is what she will need to be the best girl she can be.


I do find that Pippin can be on the dominant side, and would definitely do best in a home with another dog, but a calm stable dog would be in her best interest. 

So keep following Miss Pippin's page, as she relaxes and learns to be a pet instead of a puppy machine.

2/11/20 Miss Pippin arrived from one of our favorite shelters, and she is a tiny little girl, She is not your classic square type Boston Terrier, but is along the sleeker/slimmer/refined bone type that we have been seeing more of in the last few years.  She is definitely all Boston, and very energetic, but was also used only as a breeding dog, so she doesn't posses the social skills we normally see with Boston's. Right now, she is very shy with me, but loves running and chasing the other dogs here, she and her fellow foster, love my Boston who is built like Pippin and they seem to have the very same temperament and agility, and I might add, the same energy level. So please, check back soon, as we get to know this little girl better.