State: Western New York

Age:  6

DOB: 1/2o13

Weight:  66 lbs

Neut/UTD:  Yes/Yes

Coat Color:  Brindle and white

Docked Tail:  Yes

Cropped Ears:  No

Children under 4:  No (no history)

Children over 4:  10 and up

Separation Anxiety:  No

Other Dogs:  Yes

Cats:  Yes

Crate Trained:  Yes

House Trained:  Yes

Obedience Trained:  Yes

Leash Trained:  Needs some work

Adoption Fee:  $450.

5/28.19 Roxie is doing really well at her foster home.  She is so good in the house.  She asks to go out and doesn't even mind the rain we been having.  She makes the fastest restroom runs ever!  Roxie is a great eater and eats twice a day.  She eats very fast and is always done first. This sweet girl is motivated!!  She will  do anything for a treat.  When you go to give her the bowl of food, she quickly sits down to wait for her command  saying okay to eat.  If you aren't fast enough, she will jump closer to her bowl before you can tell her.  It is quite funny.  She waits patiently for her treats after sitting, shake or down command. You have to make her work for all the pleasures that we have at her foster home.  If not, she tends to want to run things.  She is a great sleeper and is allowed to sleep on the bed here.  She loves to start out by snuggling and you just have to love her up. She has the most adorable face.  Then when it's lights out, you simply ask her to move over and she cooperates.  She really understands what you are talking about.  We are working on her leash walking as she wants to pull a bit.  Making headway on this.  Roxie needs her new family soon so that she doesn't get use to living at her foster home.  Get your applications in on this very special girl.

5/21/19-Here is some background info on Roxie.  Roxie is a super sweet 6 year old premature grey owner surrender.  Unfortunately her owner has health issues so he could not care for her anymore.  She lived with and was good with dogs and cats.  She never lived with young kids so would be best if home has older kids as we have no history with her with younger kids.  We were told Roxie loves people & is a great cuddler & likes to wrestle & play tug of war. 

5.20.19 Roxie has arrived at her foster home in Western New York.  She is 6 years old and has been very well taken care of.  She is very cute.  She has started to show some early graying on her face.  She has a lot of energy and knows quite a few obedience commands.  She loves her people and can be found laying very close to a family member.  She loves treats and is very motivated to show you what she knows.  I am pretty sure you could teach her anything for treats.

Check back on Rosie as we get to know her.  I will do another update soon.