State: ME
Age:  about 6
DOB:  unknown
Weight:  39.9
sex:  male
color:  fawn
Neut:  yes
UTD:  yes
Docked tail:  yes
cropped ears:  no
children over 4:  yes
children under 4:  yes
other dogs:  yes
cats:  yes
separation anxiety:  no
leash trained:  pulls
house trained:  yes
obedience trained:  knows some commands
microchipped:  no
adoption fee:  $450
1/15/2020-Remy had his lumpectomy done today.  His ear hematoma
resolved itself, so no surgery there.
Remy is still very much under-weight.  He will be going back on 3 meals
a day tomorrow, tho' he has been getting the same amount in two meals
that he got in three.  Just needs more food. 
Remy has become the leader of the pack.  Even tho' he is small, he's
bossing the big guys around and plays really rough.  His activity level
may be partially responsible for his failure to gain weight.
Remy also likes to chase the cats on occasion, but I don't think he
would hurt one.  He seems very happy with the pack here and I think he
would enjoy the company of another dog or two.  He also really loves to chase squirrels.
12/26/19-Remy is scheduled to have his ear hematoma  (left side) and the lump (right side) on his neck taken care of on January 15th.  Today he has started the 2 meals a day.  One cup each meal.  Before he was getting about the same amount, but divided in 3's.
This boy is starting to look really good.  Another couple of weeks and no ribs or back bones will show at all. They tested his urine and it came back that he is spilling some protein.  They are going to do another, and will send it out for a more thorough exam.  This gentleman has totally overcome the dog door and now "crashes" it the same as my boys and Phoebe.  However, he needs to learn to slow down on approach to the deck and house.  He skids and sometimes crashes before he gets to the door.  He is very fast!

12/21/19 - Remy seems to be feeling pretty good, and as he has gained

some weight, he is starting to play a bit with the "big boys".  However,

when they get too rough, ( two on one ) he comes in the house.  After
being out for potty or play, if he comes in with the other dogs, he acts
all "crazy" and happy just as they do.  He also enjoys a bit of "mouth
wrestling" at times, as well as chewing on an old dried out bone.

When I open the treat jar, he hears the lid and runs for his crate, the
same as the other dogs do.  He is a very happy little boy and because he
is on meds, I just toss the pill into his food, and he gobbles it up
along with the kibble.

12/19/19 - Remy came to me Dec. 9th as a rather thin little guy.  He is very friendly, bright and alert.  He has some gray on his muzzle, but not a lot.  He is missing one lower canine, broken off at the gum-line.  He is HW free, but does have Anaplasmosis and will be starting medication tomorrow.  

This boy is on 3 meals a day and has gained a bit of weight and is now almost 40 lb.  He still needs another 5 lbs. but probably not more than that .  He has conquered the dog door, sometimes asks to go out even tho' he can go on his own, demands lunch and supper, sleeps through the night, crates very well, good with both cats and dogs, but not a player.  He loves to ride, loves laying by the wood stove, comes when called, and seems to be an easy keeper. 

He is required to sit and shake for meals.  But, he gets so excited over food that he winds up giving first one paw and then the other, and then both!  He is a cute little guy and I mean little.  He is tiny next to my 60 pounders and seems to be overwhelmed by size when it comes to outside playtime.  He might play with a smaller dog, or one not quite so rough as mine.